2017 C300 Lease Postmortem / What's Next?

I may have discovered this site a little too late, because I’ve been stunned by the deals some posters have shared here. Considering the expertise here, I’d love some feedback on what went wrong with the lease and pointers going forward.

I’m currently leasing my second C300 4MATIC. I think I got a good deal on the first one, but I knew from the start my current lease was not a great deal. I was over miles at the end of the first lease and I thought I had very little leverage with the second.

Here’s the deal (this was a service loaner with 8,000 miles on it):

Car: 2017 C300 4MATIC - metallic paint, panorama roof, heated steering wheel, heated seats, spoiler, premium 2 package, sport package
MSRP $50,930
Gross Cap Cost $47,661 ($49,315 after sales/use tax)
Term 36 mos/15K miles
Residual $28,513
MF unknown
DAS $1978
Monthly Payment $686/mo

Negligible discount off MSRP, but I think the dealer added the extra mileage fees on the previous car into the price. Is that the main issue? Even though the ultimate selling price was not great, I’ve seen posts from users getting A LOT more car for a $686 monthly payment - even where the purchase price is higher. The residual seems OK at around 56%.

What’s done is done, and I have a long way to go on this lease (it is up in 8/2020). I obviously can’t do anything about it now, but I’m already obsessing over the next lease. Of course, I’d like a comparable car for less money :grinning: Or even “more” car on a similar budget. Ideally, I’d like to spend between $550-$650.

I’m open to other manufacturers, but I like MB, BMW, Volvo and Audi (though seeing how Audis lease, I might scratch them off my list). Sedan/crossover, but dream would be a convertible like the 4 series (might be a real stretch on my budget, but seeing some of the trophy garage deals, maybe not?).

Thanks in advance. I have a lot of learning to do…

$700 a month for a loaner C300? mama mia…


LOL - yes, I truly deserve that. I’ve stared at these forums in shock after seeing some of the deals here.


Been there done that. I am in a 2017 Tundra Limited that is leased for $600 a month for 4 years. Discovered this site before doing wife’s car and came out MUCH better. We all live and learn. Key is not to repeat.


Cheers to you for having a great outlook and looking to the next one. Admittedly it’s a little early, haha.

About the only thing to be done is start checking Vroom/CarMax etc offers after about 18 months to see if your payoff is even in the ballpark of having equity. There will be some point where your payoff and the offers jive, but that could be month 21 or month 35, never know.

They did you no favors with that discount, especially on an 8k mile car.

But, at least a $50k C Class is pretty well equipped—at least not stripped. So enjoy the Benz and keep learning.

Your penance is calculating 25 lease examples BY HAND. AND SHOW YOUR WORK!:sunglasses::wink:


Programs change by the month. So cars will enter and exit your budget in the meantime. Too early to offer you any concrete examples of what might fit your budget.

On that note, how soon is too soon to begin the process in earnest - 6 months prior to lease end?

My lease ends 6/2020 but I am always perpetually looking. not going to end it early though lol I just get bored and search for cars

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1-2 months prior

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