2017 C300 4Matic Loaner Lease 12K / 24 months $242/Mth + Tax - Fleet Required MD/DC area

I was negotiating 3 cars at the same time a BMW i3, BMW 330e loaner & this 2017 C300 Loaner.

I took the i3 myself last night and got my friend the 330e.

Below is the deal that is all negotiated and ready to go but I don’t want it now so sharing with a forum member on first come first served basis for who ever agrees to donate $100 bucks to this forum. We need this place up and there is cost involved.


I have put in all the effort by getting this monthly number which I know many people would love to get. The donation you make to the forum is a form of finding fee for this location which lets us all get together and Hack some deals.

Model 2017 C300 4MATIC
Current Miles 6,XXX
MSRP* $45,815
Sale Price $35,9XX
Fleet Rebate** ($2,500)
Term in months 24
Mileage allowance per year 12,000
Residual Value 65% less adj for miles
Acquisition Fees : $1095 (it is inflated by $300)
MF : 0.00089 Base MBFS Money factor. Pay 10 MSD and reduce it to 0.00019
Color : Red/Beige

Monthly Payment # $242.38

Total Cash Out of Pocket

3,000 refundable Security deposits
299 processing
450 Tags
1st Payment 242.38

As you all know I don’t ever pay doc fees or inflated fees but I was not done with my negotiations so its up to the next person who picks it up to put some effort.


Nice work. Thanks for giving back!

What magic did you apply to get them to honor the entire fleet incentive?

Probably just a mistake on the dealer side, a lot of the people just don’t know what the f*** they are talking about and just add everything together and let it wait until gets to finance.

Why are you using abusive language and posting on each and every thread that I have opened

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There is no magic in getting entire fleet.

Mercedes had a promotion in Dec through Winter event where they were giving 2K to all customers so if you went in with the 2.5K fleet they would only credit $500 for fleet.

In Jan when the 2K incentive was over I could use the entire fleet discount of 2.5K. I thought there was nothing special I had to do but to clearly as for it. I am putting screenshot of my conversation wtih the dealer.

BTW dealer was www.eurogermantownmercedes.com/

This is the screen capture from the sales person showing clearly that they are offering $2500 in rebates.


This is what I had asked and suggested if it will be required for me to do the deal which they did agree to.

I’m talking about dealers jeez calm down. Better deals? really, I did 196 + tax on one today. Calm down.

Really, this is slander, I don’t take a cut. Call them, and calling out my dealer names seriously? I could name each one of your dealers, but don’t

What is the big deal in telling you take cut or fees? You yourself project that you are a broker. Do you work for free or put directly people in touch with the dealer and let them handle the deal from there.

Then why did you message me on several deals before. Seriously don’t get the point, My business model focuses on people who don’t have the time to hassle with dealers and still want to get a good deal.

I take a cut from the customer not the broker. So please don’t spread false rumors you know nothing about, thats slander

I did message you in Oct or so when I thought you could do a better deal than I can myself.

Than I realized that I can do a much better job myself than any broker and have proven it multiple times on my own lease and of multiple others.

Bottom line is the question about the fleet was asked to me and not you yet you still came and used foul language suggesting lot of people know nothing about what they are talking.

I am not going to respond any more to you on this going further.

Thanks for everything you do for the community.

You wanted an Infiniti QX30 for 150 p/m, am I missing something (I’m assuming you didn’t get the car or you would have posted it)? Like you just said this is a community, my point was you cannot deduct the full 2500 on the mercedes deals, I was helping out another user and saving you time, I suggested a dealer didn’t know what they were talking about (which happens everyday and I explicitly stated on the dealer side not with you). Then you started bad mouthing me and my company bringing up all sorts of false allegations.

Also didn’t you screw up on the rebates not one day ago? I know I’m not perfect, but don’t pretend you are.

Like I said earlier. I won’t respond and I would appreciate if you stop this over here. Its not going anywhere.

Good just leave my name and my company name out of your mouth, wouldn’t want anymore rumors to start.

I think your post to @nyclife was super reactionary. He was saying that salesmen don’t know what they’re doing, but you misinterpreted it thinking he was saying you don’t know what you’re doing.

And because you misread, you got offended and tried to slander his reputation. In the future it’d be best to get clarification before trying to crucify someone. Especially since he was right — most salesmen honestly don’t know what they’re doing and rely on the finance guys to clean things up. That’s why car salesmen have such bad reps.

Both of you have good reps on the forum and all of our readers and contributors appreciate the work you do. It really isn’t a competition. But let’s set a good example for other users here by not attacking each other. Posting these deals really doesn’t hurt broker business because there are millions of cars sitting on lots right now. And a deal you find will have no impact on a broker unless somehow you found the exact same car at the same time. And even still, you aren’t going to ruin a broker’s business because you found a car for sale.


I agree with @dukez@nyclife was totally right about the fleet discount it’s a mistake by the person who quoted you once it reaches financing they would fix it and most likely honor the price he was talking about the dealer not you and when @nyclife chimes in on your post is because he has the knowledge and deals with these dealers every day especially Mercedes loaners he chimes in on multiple post every day he was not attacking you… I think what you did was a low blow putting his dealers name out there that’s how he makes his living he is a broker now other users know the dealer name instead of going to him they will cut him out and go to the dealer your also messing with his reputation this is what he does to put food on the table … @HN308 we appreciate what you are doing on this forum helping out all these fellow hackers finding them deals on your time not expecting anything it doesn’t go unnoticed it shows that you like helping others I would apologize for the misunderstanding and close this topic.

Ps any typos I wrote this on my phone at 12am after a long work day but you guys get the point happy hacking let’s not forget why we are here for to help each other god bless you all

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I have edited my post and removed all info. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I am not here to do that.

If my info is copied in a reply I cannot control it.

Misunderstanding or not let’s just move further.

BTW no is commenting on the actual question which raised this all which Was full fleet discount in Jan on Mercedes. I have put my justification above how I got it.


Screenshot only shows 2.5k “Fleet Rebate”. Do you think it’s possible that it still consisted of $2k MB rebate + $500 Fleet? So, CA made mistake (like @nyclife said) and you didn’t get the full 2.5k fleet but only $500? Or maybe I just didn’t understand the Fleet rebate issue?

As far as I knew the winter event didn’t continue though all of Jan. Without it being active how can one get the other 2k.

Did anyone who leased a Mercedes in later part of Jan get a 2k winter event credit? I don’t know of any but I might be wrong.

This was my 3rd preference and I didn’t think this deal to be that strong so I didn’t do more research.