2017 C 300 AWD Sedan Loaners - 25% off MSRP. Washington DC Metro

Please PM me the info.

I didn’t get the dealer information and I sent a PM. Please send me the information. Thanks.

Please PM me the info…thanks and Happy New Year.

Hi! Can you PM me the dealer as well! Thanks!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Been negotiating with a dealership in NoVA for last 4 days. Best I got was $369. Wondering if this deal could beat it.

@HN308, could you please PM me the dealer info as well.


How do you verify identity? That is a legal requirement.

All PMs replied. I have got a lot of requests so if I missed anyone please PM me again and I will send you the info.

Also the cell number I sent via PM earlier can only get texts from iPhone so if you sent a text from any other platform your message won’t reach him. If you text from not an iphone I will PM you an alternate number.


Hi @HM308. Happy new year. I Pm’d you. I’d appreciate it if you can kindly share dealer info. Thank You in advance. And enjoy your C300. Great Deal.

Hey HN308 I did not receive a PM with the info, do you mind sending again. In the MD area and would love to take advantage.

Anyone know off the top of their head if mb leases can be fully (ie original lessee off the contract) swapped?


PMed you the details.

Yes, they can be fully swapped.

@HN308: can you pls pm the dealer details? Thanks in advance.

@HN308 Yeah could you also pm me

@HN308, I did not receive the info, could you please PM me the dealer info again…thanks

My guess is MB of Chantilly. They advertise loaners from Tysons also, so 20 may be available. I was told they don’t pull (don’t sell) loaners from each other. But I think they might if they have a buyer in front of them.

All PMs have been replied.

I will be updating the Original post with all new information I have now. Its not a looking out to be a good deal anymore but it might work for some but doesn’t work for me.

@HN308, when you get a chance please do post the updated details.
Dealer is running the number for me now. Yet to hear back.

Its already posted. Read the 1st post again in detail.