2017 Bmw x5M x35i lease?

Zip 11596 (long island) but i can travel to NJ or PA

Bmw x5 M x35i, fully loaded
Msrp 75570
Negotiated 68870
MF 0.00114
Residual 55% (41563)
Term 3 yrs/ 15k per year
Monthly payment: $1000
Zero down

I feel like i still have some negotiation power with MSD,residual, and maybe even bringing the down negotiated price more.

Please let me know what you think?

You can’t negotiate MSD or residual, so your only hope is asking for a lower sales price.

I meant adding security deposit to lowe the MF. He is giving me 9% off msrp, typically how far can i go for BMw?

1K a month for an X5? Yikes…

Yikes, indeed. Makes me cringe.

There 10+ X5 vehicles in here (not brand new) some with MSRP $76k+ with payments for 36/15k $866, $916, $838

Yeah I also thought ir was high after reading here. So what can you guys suggest to bring the price down?

This salesman have known my fiance’s family for many years so i eent to him.

Not sure you can do much here, you are already getting ~%10 off the price, is this 2017? On a 2016 you can aim for %17-20 off MSRP. 15k a year doesn’t help either. I did a 10k lease with my X5 and bough miles later in case I needed saving 2% on the residual, but if you know you need 15k then it doesn’t really matter.

Not every car will lease well. At that type of money, from a perspective of being financially reasonable, there are going to be many better finance options. For example, you could buy and a new Q7 Premium Plus for similar money, which would surely cost you less to own over 3 years (popular, well reviewed and going to hold value better than X5).

i guess i will have find another car - maybe another x5 with less packages…

i thought i was going to get “hooked up” since my fiance and brother have bought 3 bmw from this one salesperson

Some people have had to re-examine their very long relationships with their “hooked up” dealer after digging & learning from this forum. Some have realized, their “one salesperson” for the last 20 years and the last 10 cars was not really that great and they could do better.

Sorry … but you are now on the red pill

Besides, there is only so much a salesperson can do. The manager will only discount the car so much, and the MF & RV are set by the leaseCo.

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True. FWIW, your discount is fairly standard for a current model year, non-demo SUV. You are being hindered by high price, low residual and inability to use MSDs (NY). If you aren’t set on the BMW, go drive the 2017 Q7 3.0. Better vehicle imo. The current X5 platform is several years old and is well behind Q7 in many ways.

Jason_B but from what I’ve read from many people saying that Audi leases horribly. I just saw a 3.0 Q7 and it looks sharp but never looked at any numbers from what everyone has been saying on here.

Yeah thats what I read about audi here too.

Wait a minute, ny state doesnt offer MSD Mf reduction? I have contacted few other dealerships in Nj and Pa. Do those state offer msd mf reduction?

Seems infiniti qx60 is the deal to get

Will not lease well, but probably not terrible to buy. Looking at the values of the previous gen Q7, depreciation is pretty reasonable for a luxury SUV.

Audi dealers ask a lot but that doesn’t necessarily mean an owner can get a lot at trade-in time. Selling a $40 grand Q7 privately isn’t easy either.

Fair point. 20 characters.

This is another offer i got today. Basic x5 thats what I want. According to calculator here - lease years is 7. Discounted msrp is 9%, which is good. This dealership is in NJ so doc fee is high. I will have to ask about no money down and do MSD instead. Probably get them to lower base MF rate as dealer in NY was giving me 0.00114 before MSD reduction. NAny other suggestions.

$5500 drive-off and $700/month for a $60k SUV? :flushed: That means you’re paying $30k to have this x5 for 3 years. Sounds terrible to me.

For my 2017 RX350 F-Sport with MSRP of $59,274, my total cost over 3 years was almost half that, albeit I got 12k/year vs your 15k.