2017 BMW X5 xDrive40e Lease number

Hello, I am new year and learning from looking at various topics. I need help with lease offer I have for the above vehicle.

I do not think the way the numbers are laid out it is correct. Please help me make sense of this please.

Not sure why the rebate like $5k lease Credit from BMW upfront before the monthly lease is calculated and other numbers below are not making sense. Please help.

SELLING PRICE $67,000.00

Lease Terms
Lender BMW Financial Services
Term 36 Months
Mileage 12,000/year
Money Factor 1.51
Residual Factor 57%
Selling Price $67,000.00
Bank Fee $925.00
Capital Reduction $4,607.40
Total Capitalized Cost $63,317.60
Residual Value $42,048.90
Total Depreciation $21,268.70
Monthly Depreciation $590.80
Monthly Finance Charge $159.10
Monthly Payment $749.90
Tax (9.25%) $69.37
Monthly Payment with
Capital Reduction $4,607.40
Cap Reduction Tax (9.25%) $433.58
Up Front Tax (9.25%) $0.00
License & Registration $559.75
Documentation Fee $80.00
First Payment $819.27
Security Deposit $0.00
Drive Off $6,500.00
Rebate $4,000.00
Due at Signing $2,500.00