2017 BMW X3 xDrive28i Lease PA

MSRP : $52,495.00
Sale Price : $48,475

Residual : 63%
Miles : 12k
Months: 36

MF: 0.00085
State : PA (6%)

0 down and 7 MSDs.

Monthly payment including tax : $541
and drive off: 5670

I get a different value on Leasehackr calculator. Can someone tell how the dealer arrived at the monthly value?

Not entirely sure but tax on lease in pa is 9%

Thanks for the correction. With 9%, I get

     Monthly Payment (Excl. Tax):      $457
     Monthly Payment (incl. tax):      $498
     Drive Off:                      $5,494

It could be due to high DMV and doc fees, or they may be marking up the mf.