2017 BMW X3 Service Loaner (fully loaded) 280/mo 600 DAS


Thanks Kesha 20202020


My credit app was submitted on March 30 so I am supposedly still able to qualify for the 2017’s and the incentives. I was looking for 330s but I might try to Target an x3.

[Lease transfer] 2017 BMW X3 sDrive28i - $53,145 MSRP, $526/mo includes maintenance + wear & tear

Any suggestion on Dealers from Texas… please PM me


BMW doesn’t support 2017 x3s anymore for lease. Last month was the last of them. I would recommend looking at 2018 x4s as the x4 just got redesigned for 2019.


So my wife needs a new car and was considering the X1 / X3. We were figuring this month was the best to try and get a decent deal, but it appears a lot of people got great deals last year in March at the end of the leasing period for the 2017s. We own her Honda so don’t have a totally pressing need to get into a new car, but would rather do it sooner rather than later, however is it worth waiting for March to try and get a better deal on a lease?


March is typically the best month to lease a BMW because lease support ends in April, but no one knows whats going to happen month to month let alone 3 months.


Historically, November/December and March (as @Samson mentioned) tend to be the best months for BMW leases from what I’ve seen the past few years. If you’re looking to replicate a price like this though, its going to be impossible as incentives/residual were only this way as the 2017s were an outgoing and the 2018 was a redesign for the X3. I definitely think good deals can be made on the X1 and X2 this month and possibly in March as well given current incentives/residual.


Thanks everyone. Yeah, I’ve mainly been looking at the X1 (because realistically that’s about as much car as she needs/wants). Seeing quite a few service loaners out there. Was kind of hoping some of them would have adaptive cruise control since it’s a feature she really wants and seems to come standard on a lot of the other cars we’ve been looking at (CR-V, CX-5, etc), but it’s hard finding an X1 with that feature it seems.

I’m still going to try and see if I can get something done this month.


Can anyone help me get the x1 or x3? Im interested and looking for a car for my wife


I’m curious are you guys getting these deals because you have a BMW loyalty already, or was this without loyalty factored into it?


This is with loyalty included and it was during a period that residuals were heavily inflated due to the new redesign being out. Definitely impossible to replicate now.


How long after lease return of my BMW will I qualify for loyalty, if at all?


so this should occur again this year with the redesign coming out on the 3 series i believe


Don’t bet on it. Lease support will end in 2 months, and residuals haven’t changed yet. I would expect bigger purchase discounts down the line instead.


I’ve been trying the past week or so but the best I’ve gotten so far was only 12% before incentives on a 340i loaner. Maybe it’s too early since year-end just passed.