2017 BMW X3 loaner for $34k (purchase)

Hello guys,
Can you let me know if this is a good price for this car.
MSRP : 45895
Sale price : 34900
Discount : 10995
Miles: 8000

Dealer is offering this at this price only and doesn’t budge to get any lower. I have offered him 32k but he doesn’t get it down at all. This is also a out of state car for me, so shipping charges extra

~25%, seems decent to me, how many miles?

it has 8000 miles.
JUst updated my original post as well with miles

The x3 is virtually unchanged since 2014. I’m sure you can get a great deal on a low mileage lease return with a lot more options . I’m returning a loaded x3 this weekend with 3.5 engine, xdrive , every package and the residual is 28,600. I’m sure this car will end up on the dealer lot for around this residual and they will add a warranty. These cars also have a year maintenance left. Also CPO financing is only 1.99.

Agreed, but this is a new 2017 model and also has full warranty left on it

I think the CPO Warranty is 6 years/100K mi

Agreed, but here this vehicle has 8k miles and sold as new…
I am not sure if its wise to pull the trigger, since he is not budging the price down anymore and top of that, I need to get the car shipped

then don’t do it. simple as day, if at any point you’re uncomfortable don’t do it. Put it this way, you have money that the dealer wants/needs. The dealer is just playing a game of who wants it the most.

I am comfortable with the car, but as a hackr, is the price good or can it go any down…