2017 BMW X3 28i ( xDrive) Pennsylvania- First time Lessee , please evaluate

Hello All ,

I am a first time Lessee and have been given the following deal

X3 28i with Driving Assistance Plus + Heated Front Seats ( BMW online Apps + Remote Services included )

MSRP - 48,845
Sale Price - 46,658

Cap Cost Red - 1,000 ( Down Payment )
BMW Cash Loyalty - 1,000
Residual - 30,772

Term - 36/12
MF - 0.00161
Residual % = 63 %
Lease Charge = 121.44
Monthly Dep = 385.71
Base Monthly = 507.16
Tax = 45.64
Total = 552.80

Total Drive off - $2868.20

Terrible discount off MSRP as well as a marked up MF, keep shopping around.

@algochamaloh … thank you !! the dealer says he’s willing to work with me on the numbers , I was thinking of getting back to him with 7-10% off MSRP and a MF of 0.0015 , can’t seem to find the actual MF for July 2017 anywhere

Money factor for July is .00151. Try for 15% off, because they will counter.

This is such a great forum

Here I go:

I’m trying to get a good deal on a Rav4 xle or se

MSRP is $30,577
I was originally quoted $289 including taxes
$450 due at signing
15000 miles year for 36 months
0.0000001 mf
residual was ~62%

Then I told them about the research Ive been doing and also informed them that I found out that I get a recent college grad rebate and asked them to match a deal I found on this forum and they didnt match but lowered the price to $239/month with $350 due at signing. I noticed they also lowered the miles to 12k in that offer (insulting my intelligence in the process, probably assuming I’d just look at the price). Anyways, how’s it looking so far? I know I can do better than this. Any tips?


Why would you post about your Rav4 deal in a BMW X3 thread?

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Couldnt figure out how to start a new tread

Thanks @socal59 … I will try and do that .

I agree. I got over 12% off MSRP last december when I leased. Residuals are a lot worse now and they got rid of MSDs, but I would guess you could still get well under $500/month especially now that the 2018s were announced.

Thanks @ng0 … should the below 500 number apply to x3 35i as well ? Same options as above but on an x3 35i

MSRP - 55,745
Sale Price - 53,179
Monthly - 637.70 .

I was thinking of countering with a 15% discount on MSRP and MF = 0.00151 .

Back in January, a friend and I were able to get her 15% off her x3 28i with no issues. Now that the new X3 has been announced, I wouldn’t settle for less. I’d say 20% is achievable depending on how long cars have been punched for and the trunk money available.

If you get 20% off the 35i with a base MF at 63% residual, definitely would be under $500 with drive offs (1st month and registration, fees, etc).

I’m honestly not sure how much the 35i goes for. I never even looked into it when I got my X3. Even the 28i has quite a bit of power, so the 35i just seems like overkill for my wife.

Thanks guys , I will email the dealer today , let’s see how it goes !!

You are setting expectations too high, 20% is not reasonable on a non-demo x3.

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No way are you going to get 20% off a 35i

This is what the dealer is offering now :

X3 35i
Driving Asst Plus
Tech package
Heated Front Seats

MSRP - $56,545
Cap Cost - $51,935
MF - 0.00156
63% Residual ( 12k / 36)

$642 Per month
Drive off Cost - $1868 ( $0 Down )

Did you sign? How much did you close?


I got this yesterday

2017 BMW X3 17XD xDrive 28i
State: California (Bay Area)
MSRP: $48,200
discount: $4,310
Sale Price: $43,890
Duration/Range: 36/10
RV: 64%
Cash due (including tax, Reg, doc, Paper, smog etc.) : $5000
Monthly: $430 (Including tax)
Money Factor: 0.00154%
Sales Tax: 9%

How is this deal? Is there any way I can make it better?

$5k cash due is too much. It has to include CCR right?