2017 BMW X 3 deal

Hi, dear friends, can you check the deal? 2017 BMW X3 xdr28i. MSRP 52,795, They stated give me at 47,900 including corporate discount and lease allowance. After negotiation, they offered me lease of 12K /36months at $583 /month with $918 at drive off. They have not give me the MF yet. The fleet discount should include MF of 0.0002 decrease. This is out of the dealer’s profit, is that right? I also think use MSD program too. Thanks a lot.

sorry, also the requisition fee is 925, document / title about $300, tax is 9%, we are in PA, according to them the requisition is also financed.

the fleet MF discount is .00020 which is correct but it does not come out of the dealer profit. Your final rate should be .00116 assuming top tier. Also a $1000 incentive that would come off your best negotiated price

Thank you. How about the lease numbers? When I apply MSD program, it also has nothing to do with the dealer’s profit, right? Thank you again, @mmohsen24

Yes - dealers make profit by marking up the MF.
A marked up MF = more profit for the dealer.

Always negotiate the MF to the lowest possible available by the leasing company.

Dealers make money on leasing bc most people don’t understand the inner workings of a lease deal & the finance manager is an expert - so as you can imagine, this leads to a very profitable situation for the dealership

If the dealer has marked up the mf, doing MSDs doesn’t affect their profit. It only affects the profit of the finance company. The dealer would still get their full cut.

But yes, negotiating down to the buy rate is always best.

Thank you very much. Looks the effective sales price is 48,600 and then add 1000 lease options and 1000 fleet discount, when I use the calculator, the number I got is still $30 less than 583. I am wondering where does the discrepancy come. I will then request for the 7 MSD and add the fleetMSD discount, hope to further decrease the monthly payment.

Are you sure there is a separate 1000 incentive besides the fleet discount? There isn’t anything about that listed on BMWs lease offers section of their website for any of the X3 models.

The 583 a month is steep for an X3. This is X5 territory. [ie you can/should get an X5 for that payment]

Thanks guys. will go to the dealer tomorrow, I have nailed it down as an Oct deal. when I use the calculator I always get the 492 per month after I put 7 MSD and the 0.0002 fleet discount. But the dealer says it is about 540s. do they hide anything else? how should I argue.

BME X3 ixdrive28i 2017 12K/36 months lease in PA
MSRP 52795, sale at 48600,
lease option and fleet discount 2000
acquisition 935
title and doc 300
MF started as 0.00136, 0.0002 fleet discount and 7 MSD, confirmed as 0.00067.
residue 63% and tax 9%,
drive off 7 MSD + title/doc + first month

please give me some idea of how to deal with that $50/month difference.
Thank you all. :grinning:

Just ask them to show you how they are coming up with the numbers and show them yours. It shouldn’t be an all cloaked process.

got my car final price lease $500.34 with 7 MSD, MRSP 52795, sales 46900 with lease option and fleet discount of 2000, MF of 0.00067. Thanks to every one helped. have fun driving.