2017 BMW i3 Rex 36mo / 45K Miles

I am starting the process to work with local dealers and wanted to see if my expected deal was feasible. So far, I can only get 6% off MSRP and am not getting visibility into the MF or Residuals. I have the fleet discount but believe the dealers are not really honoring it, just offsetting somewhere else.


Vehicle Details - at Spec or Better

BMW i3 with Range Extender
AC Electric Motor; 33 kWh high voltage battery and BMW 2-cylinder gasoline Range Extender Fully charged in approximately 4.5 hours.

COLOR Mineral Grey with BMW i Frozen Blue accent (flexible on color)
WHEELS 19" BMW i Light Alloy Turbine wheel s style 429 w/all-season tires
UPHOLSTERY Mega Carum Spice Grey Sensatec & Carum Spice Grey Cloth (or better)

Mega World (or better)
Parking Assistant Package
Technology + Driving Assistant Package
Harman Kardon surround sound system
BMW Lease Protection Coverage (is this worth asking for?)

List Price $54,695
Discount 8%
Discounted Price $50,319
Incentives $7,500
Fleet Discount $1,500
Acquisition Fee $925
Doc Fee $699
ETR $69.95
Non Tax Fees $41

Term (Months) 36
Milage 45,000

Sales Price with Discounts and Incentives $41,319

Res: 58%
MF 0.0008
MSD x 7 $2,800
Down Payment $0

Monthly Lease Payment $361
Drive Off* $5,331 - Includes…

“*First month’s payment incl. tax: $361
Down payment: $0
Total MSD payment: $2,800
Registration and doc fee: $1,099
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $146
Acquisition fee: $925”

And here is the best dealer quote I have so far on specs above minus the Lease Protection… no they wouldn’t share the Res and MF…

6% is kind of what I’m getting here as well, not sure what’s up with that … :frowning:

Enter snarky comment about the foolishness that is dealer documentation fees.

LMAO @ $699 dealer DOC fee. I can ship a car from Florida to California for $800 or vice versa. I would rather buy from the West Coast ship that sucker to me and end up saving north of $800 anyways by not paying the stupid doc fee. You literally have to get the California dealer for example to discount another $100 to break even with your local… What a joke.

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Same here. The highest I’ve been able to negotiate is 7.25% off but wasn’t happy and walked away. Still sitting on their lot…

These i3s are incentive-heavy cars. If the residuals aren’t pumped up and the rebates aren’t stacking they don’t move. When the deal comes along they fly off the shelves in under a week.