2017 BMW i3 REX 36/15 lease quote

Just got quoted the following lease for a pretty basic i3 Rex - do you think there is still room to negotiate?

MSRP: 49,945
Invoice: 47,270
Selling price: 44,570

Total cash on delivery: 4,863.54 of which 2,450 is MSD.
36mth 15k miles
Monthly incl tax - $345.65

Look like there is an additional overcharge of 505

thanks didnt ask them what that fee was for.

The $505 is the fee breakdown in the lower righthand corner.

As for the deal, not really sure. Just a trend I’ve been seeing, is they aren’t willing to discount these nearly as much as they did in '16. For example, I picked up a leftover '15 tera edition w/ all options that sticker’d at $55,545 for $195 a month (30 months). I haven’t seen anything close to this in quite some time.

On another note, any reason why you’re wanting 15K a year? I tend to drive less because of the charge limitations. Do you have another car that you will go longer distances in? Just some food for thought.

Helped my dad pick up a 2017 i3 REx earlier this month. Biggest discount I was able to get was $7,000 off MSRP on a $53K car. Ended up being $250/month with $3,250 drive-off + $1,750 MSD, or on par with a $41K Volt Premier with adaptive cruise control. Note this is a 30 month, 10K mi/year lease.

Discounts and programs on the 2017s aren’t as great as before; then again, the 94 Ah cars have significantly more range and the latest cars seem better built overall.

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Can you share which dealership? and salesperson to speak to?