2017 BMW i3 REX - 1 Pay - 0.2% ($128/mo)

Big thanks to everyone that contributes to this site - I NEVER could have come close to this without you!!!

2017 BMW i3 REX - Fluid Black with with Tech Package/Parking Assist/TurboCord

MSRP: [$53,845]
Selling Price: [$47,590 (~12% discount)]
Rebates: [$7,500 + $2,000 + $2,000 = $11,500]
OL Code: [$1,000]
CHEAPR Rebate: [$2,000 (Thank you State of Connecticut!)]

Months: [24]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]
MF: [0.00172???]
Security Deposit: [$0]

Total Due At Signing: [$3,370 + $78 DMV (inc. $2,500 put on AMEX - they wouldn’t let me charge the whole amount…)]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$0]

Post Sale Rebates: [$377 (Refund due from BMW FS)]

Zip Code: [06784]
Sales Tax Rate: [6.35%]

Works out to just about $108/mo before taxes. The CT sales tax on all those rebates is killer! Total, all in with taxes and reg, works out to just under $128/mo.


Beautiful deal man, an i3 as loaded as that for under $130/mo is an achievement

Wow I’m so jelly, I wish I can get something even close to this in California

Well done! Can I get one to ship out to California.

Great deal those rebates stacked up to your advantage.
MF is marked up

Good BMW short-term lease tip: a .0005 bump to the money factor eliminates the acquisition fee.

Also: Going with a one-pay lease gives a .0003 discount.

Since this was not stated anywhere on the final paperwork, I had to guess at the actual MF they ended up using, The .00172 was the number that I presented when negotiating.

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Hi ,which bmw dealer location did you get this great deal ? I’m looking for I3 too

Of the $12,500, was the second $2,000 a loyalty credit? It’s not clear from your posting. That is a great deal. Congrats.

New Country BMW in Hartford, CT (Salesguy was Jeremy, Sales Manager is named Job)

Yes, the second $2k was loyalty - even though we returned my wife’s 3 series last July.

This is why I will be getting a check from BMW Financial Services for $377 or so dollars: a refund of the disposition fee (plus tax).

I have to admit, I really like the fact that BMW is sending me this check. Since I have no monthly payments, it makes me feel as though they are actually paying ME to lease their car! (Tough to do a better deal than that…)

Mind sharing when you closed the deal? Also, what was the first $2K rebate (if the second was loyalty)?

Also, did the dealer give you credit for the CHEAPR rebate or is that something you’ll receive separately. I’m in MD and we have an excise tax credit that would be $3K for this car but I don’t know whether dealers would give that credit on a lease.

The first $2k rebate was called something like “Holiday Bonus Cash.” I think this was extended to the end of this month. (The $7500 rebate is called the “I Performance Credit.”)

It took some persuasion, but eventually the dealer did credit the $2k CHEAPR rebate toward my drive-offs. I doubt they would be able to do the same for anything out of state.

How do I get one like that in Cali?