2017 BMW i3 30month 10k/yr

I got an offer for a 2017 BMW i3 in north California. I am wondering if it is a good offer.

MSRP: $50,145.00
selling price: $43,999.00

Cash due:
$6247 = $2500 down + 7*$300 SD + fees+Tax+first month payment etc.

Monthly payment: $253


forgot to mention the car detail:
2017 BMW i3 5dr HB 94Ah w/range extender. Black color, Deka world, w/ parking assistant pkg
30 month, 10k miles/yr

Not a bad deal but also not great … your effective payment is really $322/mo (assuming without tax yet) due to your $2,500 down. Not familiar with the discounts available for the i3s so may have to wait for others to chime in if $6k off is good

What’s the residual value for 30m/10k?

residual is .61 for 30month 10k

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