2017 BMW 440xi Lease

How is this deal?

2017 BMW 440xi gran coupe
MSRP: 63,255
sale price: 57,445
(-) rebate: $3,000
selling price: 54,455

MF: 0.00130
61% residual
36 Months / 10k miles
$625/Month, including Taxes (NJ)

NO cap cost reduction; upfront fees are acquisition fees ($925), doc fee ($399), and nitro ($399).

This is after all rebates ($2500) and fleet discount ($500).

I hope that is not Nitrogen for the tires…

9k off? Take the deal

Should the fleet discount not be $1500? I think there is also some discount if you do not own a BMW

Which dealer was this from, if you don’t mind me asking?

Oops I meant to say $99

dealership contacted me again yesterday with a better deal. Here’s the updated terms:

2017 BMW 440xi gran coupe
MSRP: $63,255
selling price: $53,165 (16% off msrp)

MF: 0.00151
60% residual
36 Months / 12k miles
$599/Month, including Taxes (NJ)

Upfront fees: $2,530.77, consist of first month payment ($599), doc fee ($399), tax on rebate ($297.27), and motor vehicle fee ($310.50).