2017 BMW 330i xDrive Wagon Lease Rate Deal

Hi all,

Just leased the car yesterday. I probably could of got them lower, but they were the only dealer out of 5 dealers to even negotiate with me, and I they were actually nice the whole time. My last car buying experience was a nightmare… and I’m happy enough with the price.

MSRP: [$55,225] - Loaner with 4,500 miles on it.
Selling Price: [$41,800 (including $3k incentive)]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]
Down Payment [$500]

MF: [0.00152]
Residual: [64.19] - 24 Month RV, forgot detailed quote at dealer; deal was originally for 24m

Security Deposit: [$0]
Document Fee: [$172.15]
Acquisition Fee: [$925]
License/Registration Fee: [$393.15]

Monthly with Tax [$480.00]**

Zip Code: [60613]
Sales Tax Rate: [17.25%]

Considering I have such high taxes here in Chicago, I think it’s a decent deal. We basically get taxed for the full price of the car (they just double up the tax rate on lease payments). Let me know your thoughts.