2017 BMW 330i Lease Offer


Just returned from the dealer and here is the offer I received for a 2017 330i, please let me know if I should take the offer or how I can get a better deal:

MSRP: 44,795
Selling Price: 41,250
Adjusted Cap. Cost: 38,743
MF: .00151
Residual: 62% (27,772)
Monthly with taxes: 442.67 (this includes BMW wear/tear/tire protection), 403.29 (without)
Drive off money down: 2500 which includes 1st month, registration, acquisition fee, document, and dmv

Do you recommend the wear/tear/tire protection? Covers up to 5000 dollars in damages

This is for 3 years and 10,000 miles per


the selling price can be better i think. go on nadaguides, truecar,