2017 BMW 330E MF .00204 b.s or not?

I’m looking at leasing a 2017 BMW 330e and am being told the best MF they can give me is .00204. My best auto credit score came in at 705. Does this sound reasonable or am I getting taken?

Part 2. Am I better off waiting for the '18’s that will hit lots in two weeks?

BMW changed their tier 1 a few months ago to 720 I think, so with a 705 I don’t think you’re eligible for base money factor which means he may be telling the truth. I’ve heard with non tier 1 applications, they typically bump the money factor to the max, and do not negotiate it lower.

In case you read what I wrote, I was incorrect, 700 is the top tier, which means they can’t mark it all the way up to .00204, they can only mark it up .0004 and the base is .00154 so are you sure your score was over 700?

I think you should run away from this dealer. 705 should be enough. I think 675 and above is tier 1. And yea maybe you should wait if you are not in hurry. Wait for 2018, and they should give bigger discount for 2017.

Dealerships cannot mark the money factor up above .0004, BMW financial services will not accept that contract, so he can’t be tier one to be quoted at .00204. The buy rate this month is .00154, so the max they can mark it up is to .00194, however, tier two credit has a .001 bump up, so your credit is probably tier two, which means they could give it you for .00164, but I’ve heard they never negotiate the money factor down with any tier below tier 1.


Isn’t the buy rate for this month 0.00151?

For that BS deal from the dealer with the eye popping MF, you are better off getting an Audi A6…

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This is then correct answer.

Depends on the market and state, there are regional rates and national rates. The regional rates differ all over.

I think he was correct, it is .00154, it may have been .00151 last month, or I just made that number up completely, however, the other stuff I wrote was accurate.

So to bring this full circle, found the exact same car in a suburb of Chicago. Called them, told them about my experience. They gave me the exact offer I had asked for originally at the other deal and…MF at the base.

I don’t understand what this guy in Milwaukee was trying to accomplish. Maybe one of my credit scores was low and the were purposely using that to make some more on interest?

Either way what a bunch of morons. Drove to Chicago grabbed my new whip literally spent maybe 25 mins leasing this car.

Props to Elmhurst BMW and Eugene! Fantastic to work with.

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congrats on the new car! Do you mind to share the final number?