2017 BMW 330e Loaner $312/month

Big thanks to @Moi for putting me in contact with the dealer for this car and thanks to this forum for all of the valuable information and advice.

2017 BMW 330e Loaner ~2400 miles

MSRP: $57000
Selling Price: $46000
Down Payment: $0
MSD: 0
Incentives: $6000 lease credit
Due at signing: 1st month
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00156
Residual: ~66%
Monthly Payment: $312 including 5.5% tax


Super deal! Congrats! Could you please PM me the dealer info?

Been trying the last week to get dealers in this range. Congrats! Guess I shouldn’t just give up yet.

Never give up! Never surrender! :smile:

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@Sgtr275 Can you please PM me the dealer info? thanks!

Can I ask how you got a residual of around 66%, especially for a loaner with 2,400 mi? Isn’t the residual 61%

[Scratch that, just saw 24m adds 6% residual…]

Yeah, it would have been a little more for 36 months. I really wanted a 2 year lease though so this worked out well.