2017 BMW 330e Lease

Hello All,

First time leaser here, looking at picking up a 2017 BMW 330e this month. I live in the Bay Area (San Jose) and have been exploring this for a couple months now. The current offer from the BMW website and convo with BMW Fremont is $369/ month for 36 months with $4294 due at signing based on MSRP of $49,045.00. $4,294.00 cash due at signing is based on $3,000.00 down payment, $369.00 first month payment, $925.00 acquisition fee, and $0.00 security deposit (not all customers will qualify for security deposit waiver). The residuals for October is 62% for 36 months/ 10k miles. The sales rep also told me there is $3k lease credit plus $1000 option allowance. I obviously don’t want to use a down payment and opt for the MSD.

My questions are:

  1. Has anyone purchased a 330e this month in the bay area that has information I can use for leverage?
  2. What is a reasonable amount you think I can pay for this lease with the electric incentives. I am very confused on how to apply the CA electric incentives to the lease. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.

I got $1000 under invoice plus incentives and was looking for a pretty loaded vehicle. Sept numbers MF .00136 and 62% for 10k, 61% for 12k.

MSRP 55995
Selling price $51720 + 925 acquisition fee
Incentives $3k rebate, 1k build out cash, 1.5k corporate discount (plus MF reduction), 1k BMW loyalty available this month but we will see when I pick up the car next month
Total Cap Cost 47950

Lease price for 12/36 is $423.68 per month before tax. $4783 drive off of which $3500 is MSD.

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The manufacturer offer typically assumes a minimal discount off MSRP, so you can almost always do better.

As for CA EV incentives, 330e qualifies for neither the CVRP $1,500 rebate for plug-in hybrids nor green HOV lane stickers. It doesn’t meet TZEV emissions unfortunately. Audi A3 e-tron does, though.

Bummer. Thanks for the info.