2017 BMW 320xi sedan Loaner - $261/mth 36/10 or $237/mth for 24/10 NY/NJ/CT - Sold

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2017 BMW 320xi Sedan

MSRP: 42,140
Selling Price: 34,900
Rebates: $4750 which includes loyalty. If you don’t have loyalty your cap cost goes up by $750. If you qualify for other rebates like Grad or Military you get more discounts and payments go down.

Adj Cap cost : $30,150 which is 28.45% off MSRP
Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: 10,000

MF: 0.00152

Residual: [61%] - less mileage adj brings it to 58.67%

Total Due At Signing: 1st month + DMV + $925 in tax (varies by state)
Downpayment: [0]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $261

Leasehackr Score: [13]

This deal can be made a bit more sweeter by doing a 24 month lease and waiving the Bank fee of 925 by taking higher MF and a one pay lease or a combination of things that suit you.

Update : If you get this car for 24 months with 10K a year your payment drops to $237/mth with $1325 at signing which includes taxes, DMV and 1 month. Now we are talking Accord/Camry territory

The deal is Only good for 01/31 and I know its late already but they can stay tonight late if you are going to make it there.

Just saying that probably includes grad and loyalty, probably should be stated the lease credit is 3k

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Any premium packages on the vehicle?

The deal also isn’t like any of your other deals, some 320 loaners were sub 250 with tax. Right now I have one for 249 + tax (with the same incentives you used) and with an msrp of 45k


You are partially correct about rebates. I was updating my post but the forum was acting up and I got errors.

The loyalty is included in $4750 but grad is not.

If someone is a recent grad the rebates go to $5750.

Also the deals from brokers who charge fees should be better than a lay person like me. I am just forwarding what the contacts at dealerships give to move and I post it here for community members to consume. Once i share the dealer info its up to the individual to negotiate it out. I do the heavy lifting by getting a base deal done and than its up to every individual.


@bmw_dave aren’t the incentives on the 3 3k not 4k

If you want a lower monthly payment on the same car, it can be had for $237/Mth for 24 months by removing bank fee and raising MF.


the car has Moonroof, Nav, Heated Seats etc. I am not sure about exact packages as I am not a BMW guy.

Im interested in pursuing this for my dad. He’s in Long Island so if he can get in touch with the dealer and its still available he’ll get it. Mind pm’ing me the dealer?

I’d be interested in this as well, can you please provide the relevant information?

Man I wish I could find a deal like this around TN, what’s the average price for shipping it this way?

This is not the time the dealers entertain shipping. Last day of month is crazy.

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yeah, how are you getting 4,000 off incentive on a 2017 loaner? The lease cash is 3k.

@HN308 I understand, good luck!

My contact is using her back pocket cash which is not published incentive.

Pm’ed you. 20characters you’ve been posting killer deals.

The car listed above is sold but they have other loaners which they will happily make a deal on.

Unless you are close to NYC or North NJ you can’t make it in time today.

They will keep doing deals till people show up.

Let me know if anyone is interested in 3 series loaners.

Do you only operate in NY/NJ/CT or do you also make deals in So-Cal?

I am not a lease broker. I work in my local area helping fellow hackers with the contacts I have made leasing my own cars.


Hey im very interested as my lease is up very soon. I don’t think I can send a pm since im new here. Can you pm me or give me a e-mail address to contact you? thank you