2017 BMW 320xi. is this a good deal?

I got a quote from a dealership. Is this a good deal?

It is >1% of msrp. Bad one.

no… that’s too high for a 320. that’s like a loaded 330xi pricing.

I guess I’m not following the document correctly.
I thought the MSRP is $44,160 and the selling price was $40,660 (discount of $3,500)
What is the correct way to calculate it?

For 320xi with premium package, lighting package, driving assistant package, and navigation, what is the reasonable monthly lease payment?

He means that one monthly payment is greater than 1% of the MSRP. This is an atrocious deal btw. The MF is likely marked up to the max but we do not know that because it is not on this sheet.

That’s one heck of a bad deal. Start by reading the posts on bmw and you will see the light.

This deal stinks on two roads.

  1. It’s not the best vehicle to lease.

  2. 4k discount is a good $ value off but hardly hackr worthy.

Considering I got less than that for a 340i msrp 56XXX, I think you can do better