2017 BMW 320i (no shipping)

Monthly Payment:
Down Payment:
Annual Mileage:

Does this one qualify for the 3000 lease cash?

Please clearly state your location.

Very nice discount. Is that 30%+ before rebates?

The 3,000 rebate is most likely already baked into that price. Note he listed “College Grad” but not the BMW lease cash.

Note: Upon further review, with that residual of 59.62 for 24 months, this thing has more than 5k on the clock. 3k incentive would not apply in this case.

Deal to be avoided. 286 + 2500 upfront CCR = 390 a month for loaner bare bones 320i. Pass.

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Yea…as a bit of feedback; just state $2,500 as the drive off which can be reduced depending on rebates. People might misunderstand your drive off as $1,500 (or $500 after college grad) otherwise.

Bleh. If you like a 320i, go drive an Accord. Much better car. Much less money.

You really love your Accord

Personally I would also probably prefer the accord over a 320i, especially if the 320 was completely base. The new 2018s accords seem pretty nice.

I think the 18 Accord is kinda ugly, but to each their own. The interior is much nicer than previous Accords though.

because of the miles it doesn’t qualify for the rebate

Located in the city of Buena park at Shelly BMW.

He’s right though, the prestige factor of a 320i over an accord in socal is basically zero. And then if you compare the two cars without the badge the Accord is plain better.

I’m not a mod, but this is not the right place to be debating the merits of a 320i vs. Accord, IMHO. If someone wants a 320i then this post is relevant to them.

So I guess I am not allowed to say why would you lease a 320i for 380 when you can get a Giulia for 299? The quote/ad sucks because it is hiding a 2.5k downpayment (which is extra 100 a month) in the “college grad” rebate. I would advise all college grads to stay away …

I think it is totally evaluate it on a deal basis; I agree with you there - it is not a good value.

We really ought to have them put the amount down in the title so this is clear.