2017 Audi SQ5 Premium Plus

Currently getting this deal.

TOTAL MSRP: $59,550.00

Lease Quote:
7,500 Miles Per Year
Total Due At Delivery: $1,109.17
36 Month Lease Term
Total Monthly Payment:

The residual is 60% ($37,730.00), selling price is $57,168.00 and money factor .00163.

I think I can do better for sure. What do you thinks should be my target?

I think you are going to have a problem getting to a good number if the vehicle has a 60 percent residual after 3 years and 22,500 miles. You’d have to get a much larger discount off of MSRP.
For comparison, the numbers for the Q5 are .00156 MF and 56% residual for 36/15 according to Edmunds.

How much should I be aiming for off of MSRP? I was thinking $8,0000 off MSRP. Dealer seem’s pretty desperate.

I was offered a new 56k A6 for 48k pretty easily without hard negotiation. ~12.5% off MSRP is doable for Audi.

That’s 13% off MSRP, which is doable on the right model. It really depends on how they are selling. The worst they can say is “no”. That brings your payment down to about $620/month using the calculator.

I’m shopping around right now so definitely going to see what which dealer gives me the best offer first then start the bidding war from there.

I really like cars.com as a search engine. I’ve been using it a ton to contact dealers. Here’s a 58k MSRP SQ5 for $52,780 pre-negotiation. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/675985727/overview/

That’s definitely helpful! Thank you so much! I was using Autotrader all this time.

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