2017 Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI Premium Plus in Ventura County

2017 Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI Premium Plus

$842.01 / month, Financed through US Bank
Original term 48 months
Lease end date 12/29/2020
(18 payments remaining as of this post)
Current Mileage: 19,333 (as of this post, I’ll try to update but assume 200 miles / week added because we are still driving the vehicle)
10K / yr allowance (20K miles remaining), $0.25 / mile excess charge
Residual value: $32,226

Has additional dealer installed Door Edge Guards and Permaplate treatment/appearance protection (5 year)

Also includes prepaid maintenance contracts: Audi Care, Audi Term Care, and Audi Three for One (Tire and Wheel/Windshield/Dent) Protection.

Outstanding condition, EXCEPT for the dent we just put in the front left fender backing out of a parking garage. Estimate for repair is $1,200… Waiting to fix in case we find someone who wants to takeover the lease.

We just upgraded in size and bought a sprinter van for the family vehicle so we don’t need another large car like this… I’m planning on getting a sedan instead, especially since I drive more than my wife does, I’d like something with better gas mileage too!

Just curious, biw big does a typical family need to be to have a Sprinter as their family car :flushed:

Sounds like they sold you every product they could pronounce. GLWT!

What was the MSRP? Also, is there a transfer fee with US Bank?

You should probably put your monthly payment in the title as well.

A friend of mine told me that Sprinters are the new cool car to have In Ventura County for family use. Other than the Amazon fleet, I do not see too many on the road here.

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