2017 Audi Q5 , Lease now or wait?

Hi Guys,

As the new 2018 Q5 with redesign is hitting the stores this month end, Is now a good time to lease a Q5 or wait till next month ? Any good guesses based on audi history ? Will the lease support remain or will it be axed next month ? Right now, I’m just reaching the 1% rule on a premium plus with tech package which is not a great deal, but if its the best it can be, i’ll take it …

Would also be curious to reponses!!

I would think the dealers will get pretty desperate to move the old (Very dated) Q5. They will be hard to shift when parked next to the new one. I think the next 3 months will make for some cheap leases on the old model.

Personally, having owned a 2015 Q5, I wouldn’t even consider the old model unless they were giving them away…I mean like 450/month with tax, zero drive off including audicare for a 50K p+.

FWIW, I leased mine in 2015, 49K sticker, 36/10K, $560 drive off, $577/month including audicare. 9% la tax. This was with an upside down trade in on a leased 2013 Allroad.

Back in 2009, Mercedes was discounting the E series 20K at the end of their model cycle.

@manku, why do you say you would not consider the present model? Because of looks, or do you not like the way it drives? Value?

Old body style. Same would apply to virtually any car

Knowing Audi, they’re probably going to incentivize purchases and not support leases.

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Yes most likely, they’ll transfer the existing MF/RV to new model or bump’em if they want more sales and will drop the hammer on the old one.

Thanks Max, will go on with the deal.

Can you post the numbers you are seeing on the Q5?

I was quoted .0006 / 56% on a 2017 Audi Q5 Premium (MSRP $48,850) yesterday for $0 down, 36/10k. I couldn’t tell you if its legit or inflated MF, just what I was shown. That was Atlanta metro area.

Also, way behind on all the newfangled tech.

What did they reduce the sale price to?

I am also looking to find a deal on a 2017 to lease. Does anyone have the MF/RV on this and any quoted prices or what they have discounted the MSRP?

I’ve been getting about 12% off MSRP. 53%/.0006 on 36/12 in MA.

I just priced out a 2.0T Premium with Nav and Convenience

45110 MSRP
They only went down to about 42,000 sale price
They were offering 1000 marketing + 750 conquest but they are paying my remaining 3 payments of 330 so it wipes the marketing money approx.

They told me they would lease it through another company to get 61% residual and MF .0015 which they claimed worked better than Audi’s .0006 MF and residual of 57%. When I used the lease calculator here it didn’t turn out that way.

Regardless they were around 560 a month. I’m trying to be as close to 450 as I can so maybe 450-485. Just DMV, 1st payment and plates up front.

Any comments / thoughts?

For reference;
Just recently, maybe 2-3 weeks ago, I priced out a Q5 3.0T Premium Plus with all options, MSRP was slightly above 52k.
They offered 11% discount, $3500 cash due at signing, @ 515+ tax (SoCal), 36mo/12k

About 1-2 months ago, a co-worker actually went through with a lease on a Q5 2.0T with the Audi selection 20" wheel package, MSRP was right above 48k, and he got away with $610/month including tax, with $0 drive off.

Having owned many Audi’s, I would never get anything under a P+ package…they’re stripped and don’t feel like luxury cars…little things that are standard on well equipped Toyota’s are missing in the base package.

And I would NEVER get the final year of a model unless they were offering a steep discount.

Plus, why are you paying $1000 to get out of your lease early (over mileage?)? Are they buying it, or will they just turn it in?

@Postman10 is this a 2017 or 2018 MY?

2017 - there don’t seem to be many 2017’s left around and I can’t get anyone to go below 500/mo on a sign and drive for 10k/36 months