2017 audi a4 ultra premium - just leased!

All of you have been helpful so thank you - heres what I got:

Audi a4 ultra premium season of audi pckg
Msrp - 40775
Sale - 36200
15k/36 mo
Everything rolled in for $495/mo - i included the audicare - without it was 485/mo. In the end they also told me Id get couple hundred back since audicare is for 4 years and that id cancel it at the end of my lease and get prorated money back. All in all, i walked out with a brand new car Having paid nothing and owing 495/mo for the next 35 months (1st mo free!). Hopefully this info helps someone else make even a better deal next time!

Would you care to share more details like MSD or rebates applied ?

Does AudiCare cover all maintenance for 36 mos ?

What part of the US is this in ?


I didnt do any MSDs. Audicare covers 48 months so i get money back at the end of 36 months for the prorated amount (250 or so).

I just leased the same vehicle yesterday. My details are slightly different from the OP.

Thanks for all the advice I got from this forum.

Here’s my details:

MSRP – $40,935
Sale Price – $36,000

  • Audi Care $849
  • $500 for my trade-in (my trusty 2000 Nissan Pathfinder – sad to see it go)
  • 1st payment paid by Audi
    10,000 miles/36 months
    5 MSDS
    Residual 58% (without Audi Care, it would have been 57%)
    MF 0.00024 (without MSDs, it would have been 0.00049)
    Monthly payment – $398.25

I was not aware (nor was I told) that AudiCare could be canceled at the end of lease and the balance refunded. That’s good to know.

Seems like the OP got a high MF!

Here is the deal I have on the table. Have not decided yet. Car has the season of Audi selection package and is a Quattro would be registered in NH so Payment does not include sales tax. Please rate this deal
15k/36 months
MSRP $45,010
Selling Price $39,610
Residual 57% or $25,655
MF .00081
$460/month with $460 due at signing

OP did not do MSD and also is doing 15k miles instead of 10k, so that accounts for the difference.

Check the MF. @pklh is saying 0.00049

Audicare is only refundable in California, not the other 49 states.

Also, even in CA, I’m not sure how it works upon lease return. I do know if you sell your car (either back to dealer or privately), then it’s refundable (I’ve done it twice). However, they told me if it’s just a regular lease end return there is no refund.

I would double check with Audi of America.

As for the OP’s deal, it seems a little high, but then again Audi’s don’t lease particularly well.

FYI, I saw this at edmunds - just copied and pasted below. It looks like this guy got like ~20% on discount!!! I don’t know how it’s even possible but sucks to know now after I’ve already purchased everything :(. Thought i’d reference it here so people who are close to taking the dive at least know what’s available to them.

I visited a local dealer (not the one I purchased from) to get a quote and see what they could do for me. Its a 2017 A4 ultra Premium FWD
MSRP: 39275
Sale Price: 32275
Rebate: 1300 ( 4 month pull ahead “I think”)
Remaining payments: 5662 (435.54 *13) Was told it was cheaper to pay off vs trade in.
Dealer Fee: 798 (I’m in Florida “sad face”)
Acq Fee: 795
Govt fees: 770 ( I’m assuming tax, tag, title etc?)
Cap cost : 39000
Residual: 19,…something
36/15k - 571 tax included everything rolled in.

There are two important questions:
a) what is Audi MF and how much discount on MSD.
b) what kind of discounts and rebates are available.

If MF is low and discount is 20%, then you get a good deal.

I think that 20% off on the A4 is not obtainable. I have been following lease prices here and on Edmunds for a couple months now, and have not seen anyone else reporting such a large discount. I suspect either those numbers are wrong, or the dealer is planning to make a lot of money on the 2014 A4 that the poster in now leasing.

2017 A4 Quattro season of Audi selection package
Could someone please let me know their opinion of the deal. Registered in NH so no sales tax.
15k/36 months
MSRP $45,010
Selling Price $39,610
Residual 57% or $25,655
MF .00081
$460/month with $460 due at signing

Is that a Premium / premium plus or Prest?

It looks like they’re getting about

.00061 MF for 36/15k. You shouldn’t have to pay anything first month as it is complimentary by Audi. See below for the thread and ask them for the MF and Residual for your exact model.

It’s a season of Audi car so it is pretty much a premium plus without bang and olefson sound and a some other options. It has virtual cockpit and the sline trim. Supposedly has a higher residual than a premium, premium plus etc… they are using the free first month payment as a rebate to to reduce what I need to bring to signing

I got lease quoted today . FL
Audi A4 ultra white/nougat brown.
$1148 due at signing +first payment.
10,000 a year /39m/$350

Am I missing something?