2017 Audi A4, is this a good deal?

2017 A4 premium plus with tech package and cold weather package 36/12.

MSRP: 49000
Sell price: 45060 (6% off MSRP plus $1000 lease cash)
MF: 0.00003 (with 8 MSD)
Residual: 57% (1% from added audi care)
Due at signing: $0 + 8xMSD
monthly payment: $580 (first month paid by audi)

Is this a good deal for an Audi?

I feel like it’s hard to negotiate for a lower sell price in my area as I was told this specific trim is very popular and sold pretty fast.

In my limited opinion, no. That’s not enough off MSRP. Find out the invoice price and negotiate off of that. Dealers don’t even pay invoice for their cars usually. BMWs lease better than Audis and you probably already know that but $580 is really steep for an A4.

With the $1000 incentive, it’s right there on the invoice.

I find its pretty hard to ask for more than that, at least in my area. It’s a hot car any it sells fast, especially the trim that I want.

What would be your strategy on these kind of cars? Do you simply point out that they are making profit even at the invoice price? But I can’t seem to find the real price they would pay for the car.
Or do you just go for a different trim/car?

This would be the leasehackr way.

Terrible deal and the lease program has been set by Audi to be this way.

I’d get a different brand and receive a lot more car for the money.

A4’s are nice- but not that nice after you get used to it.

Audi A4 lease deals are terrible, especially on the Prestige level.

I was looking at the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 series and ended up settling with BMW last week because the Audi leases (especially prestige) were really bad… partially because of the residuals.

Yep, residuals are only 50% on the Prestige and that kills the deal. Better to buy.

you get 8% off of MSRP