2017 Audi A4 2.0T Premium Plus Lease

Hello everyone. Need some advice.
This is a 2017MY Audi A4, only 2 left in the dealer. It is not a loaner or demo, brand new car, but 2017.

This is what I received as the “best possible quote”, which is “not negotiable” (hmm…)
I am very sure I have at least another $1000-$2000 of room to try and negotiate?

2017 Audi A4 2.0T Premium Plus
Residual (36/15k): $24,563
Residual (39/15k): $23,580
MF for 36 months: 0.00061,
MF for 39 months: 0.00081

MSRP: $49,125.00
Savings: $5,277.00
Conquest: $1,000.00
After Rebate Cost: $42,848.00
Doc Fee: 299.00
Tax: 2,648.00
Non Tax fees: $1,266.00
Total Balance: $47,021.00

36 months/15k miles a year 0 down = $688 (incl tax)
39 months/15k, 0 down = $677 (incl tax)

I think they can do 630-640 to be honest, since it is a 2017.

Really need input!!! Thanks.

Surely this is a joke? You need to read through the front page and the “Share a Deal” category to see what people can lease for 630-688 a month or less.


Please clarify? I do not understand. I went to 3 BMW dealerships and lowest I got for a 540i was 829 a month. What else can you lease for 650? I want to know.

I’d bet 75% or more of the posts on these forums are for leases that are less than $650/month.

C300 $540 52k car
Ny area

@Jow You must be part of the anti-fart gang because $540 for a a C300 sounds expensive.

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A loaded 340i Msport with 60k MSRP is in the mid $560 a month with tax.
70k 530i a few months back were 660+tax
I am sure these are better than average but probably could be improved on.
Both were with 2500 drive off.

What should it be, i love to know and then tell me what dealer in ny its at.

Hi Dmitry,
Where are you located?

Audi does not lease well in the first place, so that’s the first problem. A mid-size $45k luxury sedan like an A4 “should be” in the $300s/month with $0 down, but that’s unlikely for an Audi. It’s easy for a Q50 or XE; very doable for a 3-Series or C-Class.

Located in Baltimore MD.

In one of the topics I outlined how a 540 could be had for sub $500 easy.

Like others said, cruise the forum a bit and check out some topics. Read the replies, the analysis, the suggestions and the expectations.

I went to 3 dealers. Cheapest they were willing to move was 829 a month for a 2017 Demo with 59k msrp. They said, people lease these for 900. Why would we give them away? Story with every BMW dealer I visited.

That’s why we all suggest that you call and email, you don’t even go into the dealer except to pick up the car.

Your local dealer also will not always be the best deal, if looking to save a boat load you may have to travel.

Check out the topic I made where I show how I am leasing a $52k BMW wagon for $216 a month with zero down. Will give you an idea of how the numbers work.

I read all these posts. The secret is the cap cost reduction and residual. My very nearest BMW dealer was giving 5000 off a loaner with 8000mi on it, which is laughable…and that nasty manager said “Buddy, I have people lease these cars for 850-950 a month. Why would I give the car away?”. Second and third dealers farther away gave similar numbers. When I emailed them, they said they do not provide quotes over email.

You tried 3 dealers, I tried about 20-25 dealers before I found like 3 willing to make real deals

Deals don’t fall on your lap it requires work

I got a 2018 430xi loaner 50kmsrp
For $301 a month
3k drive off of tax, bank fee, doc, dmv, first month

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Hi Dmitry,
Where are you located?

Dude stop posting in these threads trying to work business. If you have something to CONTRIBUTE about a lease, post it, otherwise go advertise in your own thread in the marketplace.


Aren’t you a sales consultant? You should know that CCR isn’t wise to do (besides from rebates) and RV isn’t negotiable.

If you read the posts then you’d understand that any loaners over 5000 miles aren’t eligible for new car incentives, and get hit with a big residual hit making it unobtainable for a reasonable lease.

Need to do more homework :wink:

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Yeah. What else can be reduced? :slight_smile: