2017 Audi A3 Lease Quote

Hi Everyone, just trying to get some lease quotes on an A3 around my area. I got one back from a dealership in Miami, the MF and the discount price looks good - however, the monthly payment options they gave doesn’t seem to line up. Seems pretty big to me compared to when I plug in the details in the Leasehackr calculator. Am I missing something? See attached.

MF: .00061
MSRP: $34,360
Discounted: $29,500
Months: 42
Miles: 10k
Monthly 1: $400.61 (with $1,000 down)
Monthly 2: $373.78 (with $2,000 down)
Monthly 3: $347.63 (with $3,000 down)

Your help is greatly appreciated,

The RV for 42m/10k is 47% which basically kills any type of deal to happen. Most of the 47% RVs are on electric vehicles where you get a ton of cash back from the government which makes up for it.

A 42m lease is not ideal – did you ask for this? They are probably just doing this to lower your monthly payment – which probably lowered the RV so that results in maybe $5-10 less. You have a 14% discount and the MF is not bad but the RV on this vehicle for the 42/10k is what is making this not a great lease.

Does Florida charge sales tax on the full value up front? (1,880 is 6.5% of the sales price). The advertised lease is 36 months - perhaps it would price better at the shorter term.

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While not the deal killer in this particular instance, perhaps this dealer can explain to you why CA dealers only charge $80 for documentation fees and still manage to stay profitable. Why is it that a dealer in FL likely paying less rent, utilities and salaries charges more for this fee?

I’m sure CA dealers would love to charge more than $80, but they do not only because they legally cannot.

I think that is what it is chrisgo… I didn’t realise that, I’ll come back at them and ask them for a 36m quote instead. Thank you for your insight.


Good call @Leasefan.

Chris is saying that the A3 will not lease well, with any terms, because of the low RV. With the 36 month term, the RV will go up slightly, but your monthly payment will probably go up as well.

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They are tough. I am on my 5th lease in Florida and I have been able to get the last 3 dealers to waive the Dealer Fee. I walked out of a few dealers that said no way since I tell them right before signing right after I had agreed with the price. I play dumb and ask: "Why is your dealer fee so high? I come from CA where it is not legit to charge so high is that legal here?. I had one manager insulted me by calling me a pain in the butt and he would finally breath when I leave. He had to apologize and took the $700 Doc fee off and I got some nice 50% car accessories after I told him I would complain and I had proof of his insult since I had recorded everything. I think its a good practice to put your phone silently on voice recording especially when they say: Oh, but we didn’t mention free mats or any free maintenance.

I really want the Audi 2018 Q5. The numbers on the lease are absurd. Like basically they don’t want to sell them. ($778 payments with $2500 down on an MSRP of $49,700). They just started shipping in the past few weeks. Is it that they really don’t want to sell them? Should I try to find a dealer that doesn’t have many 2017s? I’ve contacted a couple and the last guy just admitted that they don’t make sense to lease right now. Anyone know how long it will be until the deals get realistic?

Audis in general do not lease well. It’s probably better to purchase/finance it. The 2018 Q5 is a brand new model, so expect to pay MSRP or very close to it for a few months.

Thanks, Jon. I’m OK with MSRP, but those are just not the payments on an MSRP of $49,700?

You need to find out the MF and RV so we can calculate what it should be.

If you are getting a 2018 Q5 Premium Plus, the RV and MF on 36/12k is 62% and .00191. Not sure what state you are in, but I’ll assume CA (so doc fee of $80 and tax of 7.75%). With an MSRP of $49700 and no discount, I am getting a drive-off of $1970 and $733/month including tax.

Ah you are awesome, thanks! Yes, I am in CA. San Francisco, actually so the tax is a little higher, but we only put 6K miles/year on our current car so I was looking at a 7500 mile/year lease. So its the MF that’s killing the deal? And that’s with how much down?

FWIW to anyone who wants a 2017, they are willing to go down to $500-$550 on the same MSRP with $2K down.

Thanks @Jon @chrisgo - totally makes sense now. Probably could get away with a better lease deal on a 3 Series…

Right, and they’re still able to turn a profit despite only charging $80.

@Jon, is that a Premium or a Premium Plus? They really mark it up pretty good. Word on the street is that they won’t make the full headlight LED standard on the basic models?

That was with $0 down/CCR. I don’t know the RV for 7.5k miles or if Audi even offers it. What’s killing the deal is the MF and lack of discounts/incentives.

That was a Premuim Plus. RV/MF is the same for both trims though.