2017 Audi A3 E-tron Premium... which is the better deal?

I have two offers from 2 different dealerships

Dealership 1
$41,520 msrp
3000 down plus Toyota rebate
9 security deposits
$337/m plus tax for 12,000 miles/36 months

Dealership 2
$41,020 msrp
1500 down plus Toyota rebate
says he can’t take security deposits(?)
$349/ plus tax for 12,000 miles/36 months


  1. Total cost $15,132
  2. $14,064

Does the first one have any meaningful options for the extra 500 MSRP?

Have you tried to get Dealer 1 to match Dealer 2’s quote prior to applying the MSDs? Then add the MSDs back in and you’ll have the best of both quotes.

No meaningful options, just a roof rack I don’t need. The first car is in stock, & I wouldn’t be getting the 2nd until February

genius! I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

The typical buyer will ask them to match the down and monthly. If you want to show you know how leasing works, you’ll need to know how the 2nd dealer came to a better offer.

What’s the selling price and cap cost?
What’s the MF?
RV is the same for both.
Are extras like doc fees same for both?

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There’s Season of Audi promotion that makes the 1st lease payment, good until 1/3/17.

@yaymich I’m looking at the same car -

Did they take any $$ off the MSRP for you to get a lower selling price in addition to the rebates?
What is the MF they are using?
What other fees are they quoting you?

Interested to know what your final deal is! Good luck

for anyone interested, here’s what my final deal was. Unfortunately, life got in the way & I wasn’t able to take advantage of the year-end deals, but I’m happy w/ the car & what I’m paying.

MSRP 41,450
Selling Price 37,930
MF: .00087

1st Month Payment 381.19
Acquisition Fee 795.00
Fees & Insurance 464.75
Upfront Taxes 558.07
Cap Reduction (Cash) 0.99
Total Drive Off $1500

Fee Breakdown
Documentation Fee 80.00
Registration Fee 316.00
Misc License Fee 11.00
Tire Fee 8.75
AUDI CARE Maint. Contract 849.00
Electronic Filing Fee 29.00
Smog Abatement Fee 20.00