2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia: End of Lease

Has anyone gone through the end of the lease process for Alfa Romeo? I’m concerned about my wheels; 3 of them are curbed. Has anyone been billed for that when turning it in? I’m not looking to lease another Giulia, which I know can impact the way I’ll be charged.

There’s like a hundred threads on this. Get a free inspection done and they will tell you what the cost is. And possibly this:

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@Trashford, They will try to charge you for things that are not even there. As for your damage, the “guide” they send you in the mail to determine if damage is normal wear and tear specifically lists wheel scuffs as normal. Honestly, there’s no telling.

Thanks for linking me to that post! I just wanted specific info concerning the Giulia and curbed wheels and see if anyone else has been dinged. Sorry if this is considered a redundant thread.