2017 Acura MDX - Residuals and Money Factor

Hi All,

Anyone know the residual and money factor for:

2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD with Tech and Entertainment package.

39 or 36 months, 12,000 miles, 11576 zip code.

Thank you.

Hi Dave!

Honestly i’d go with a 2016 Honda Pilot Elite 4WD. Check out the comparison below. You get alot more with the pilot I would get the Pilot just because it has an HDMI port for the DVD player and you the kids can watch Netflix with Chromecast or any smart stick!!

the payment is about the same because of a lower residual value and more demand

Honda Pilot 4WD Elite w/ Navi and RES
36 Mo
.00135 MF
59% 10k
58% 12k
56% 15k

2017 Acura MDX SH-AWD with Tech and Entertainment package.

36 Mo

.00175 MF
63% 10k miles
62% 12k miles
60% 15k miles
No MSD’s available.
No Rebates yet.

Anthony, thank you so much for the figuers and suggestions.

I have to make my wife happy, so MDX is what it has to be. Do you have any info on August MF/Residuals on the 2017. Any rebate, discounts etc etc?

BUMP!!! any new inputs on this?

Interested too. Looking at a Pilot or MDX

um…Honda Pilot and MDX are in different worlds imo

I realize the numbers look alike and maybe the specs of the vehicle too… but huge difference in the way they drive/handle. Pilot drives like a minivan (my family has an Odyssey) compared to the MDX. Also MDX interior is way nicer.

I test drove Pilot , MDX , RX350, Santa Fe, X5.

Me and my wife both agreed MDX and Santa Fe were the best choice for us .

Until… we saw the Infiniti QX60…

QX60 is like (similar, not same as ) an MDX but with way more luxury/options/features for much less $$.

So, I would say look into a QX60 - your wife may even like it better