2017 Acadia FWD Denali - Do I have more room?

So here is a quote for a 2017 Acadia Denali FWD in FL.
36 months / 12,000 miles
65% Residual and MF of .00070

$0 Down
MSRP: $49,585
Discount: $3,166.10
Selling Price: $46,418.90
Aftermarket: $299.95 (Paint protection they refuse to take off they say its applied to the coat of vehicle,)
Doc Fee: $595
Acq Fee $595
License Fee: $200
Gross Cap Cost $47,908.85

See PHOTO of lease quote attached

I get 495 a month with only first month as drive off, not including tax. I rolled all fees in (about 1400). So sounds right in terms of numbers. However, i would not consider this a great deal. Plus if you doing truly $0 down then you gain 520 that would have been drive off or about 13 a month. Again, just a rough calculation but i would push for more $ off.

Man, Wedding is going to get into an Acadia Denali or die tryin’.

I agree with NY13, not a great deal.

December is around the corner, so it won’t hurt to wait; it’s likely you can get some better numbers next month, not just from the manufacturer, but also more from motivated dealers.

It also seems like you’re only talking to one dealer, if so, you’re not creating any leverage on that end.

NY13 thanks for the response! Quick question tho Calculating using 6% tax of 491$ monthly FL the tax $ should be around $29.46 yet it’s over $34 so somewhere hidden in this dealer work book is added fees on top. I dont mind paying the fees up front but even then it won’t drop payments to what the lease hacker calculator is saying.

all fees would equal about $1689. divided by 36 months that’s over $46 a month. This dealer worksheet has markup somewhere because the numbers don’t add up.

Man you going to drive yourself crazy if you trying to go to the penny. 5 bucks is not a huge difference. Ask him to lower it 5 bucks and i guarantee he will do it. He is covering first month, which is 13 bucks a month in your favor. If you want the car and you happy with the price get it. However, i dont think its a good deal.

I hear you that its only 5$, its just when doing the math properly I don’t like it when fees are not explainable on the worksheet they provide. Feels shady.

Actually speaking to about 4 dealers at once! Exact same emails and cars with lease offers from $526 a month all included with $0 down to 590$. All dealers in Florida from Jacksonville to Tampa and in between!

Dealer fixed incorrect tax % and waived the $299.95 add on fee.
MSRP: $49,585
Sales price: $46,418.9
Rolled in the Acq, Doc, and License fee a total of ($1390) for a Net cap cost of $47608.90

Total Monthly Payment: $512.06 with zero down and zero upfront.

What do you guys think?

The GM supplier discount on that vehicle is about $2,300. Seems like a 10% discount shouldn’t be too much to ask.

My discount as it stands is $3167. 10% would be unreal.