2017 Acadia Denali Lease Info Please

Looking for the RV and MF on a MY17 Acadia Denali (FWD and AWD) for 36/15K in zip code 33473. Also, is there any lease or conquest cash available?


Hey Shappy,
If you search for my thread “2017 Acadia Denali AWD” you’ll get some more info, thanks to @adamcar.

We have sorta begun our search, but haven’t found any good dealers yet. We’re in Gainesville, so it’s tougher.

If you find a good GMC dealer (you’re in FL, right?), and after your deal is completed, I would be grateful for a heads-up.

For those looking at GMC vehicles, even though it’s too late to join Costco and get a cash card bonus, new members are still eligible for GM supplier pricing.

I saw some people talking about that on Slick Deals, and they have bought into the idea that you can’t negotiate beyond the supplier pricing discount, so it’s not really worth it, but they’re wrong.

I’m also looking at the Acadia right now, among other vehicles, but it seems a lot of members are interested in the same two or three vehicles, so the majority of the information is based on those.

i got offer for this car. Sign and drive … first month payment rolled in to . $389 per m for 35m. + 700 costco. i got the infiniti but this was the deal.


I don’t plan on doing anything until May when one of our leases goes back, but I was interested in the numbers now just to see if it aligns with what the lease payment calculator on the GMC website is showing, just to determine if I can trust what payment it is spitting out.

Keep in mind that manufacturers online lease calculators typically calculate the lease price based on you paying full MSRP with no discount. Often they don’t even factor in available incentives.

@jmac63 Absolutely, that is why I enter the difference between the MSRP and cap cost as a down payment, along with taking into account incentives and sales tax.