2017 Acadia Denali FWD

Received a lease quote from dealer and the numbers are different when calculating the monthly payments on the calculator. I have not negotiated yet.
Here are the details.
2017 Acadia Denali FWD
MSRP. $49,585
Govt fee $318.50
Dealer fee: $599
Act Fee: $599
Gross Cap Cost: $47796.99 (Costco price)
12,000 36mo
$3000 down
Monthly payment $473
Sales tax in FL 6%

On the calculator with 65% residual and MF .00070
Can someone assist me with the $28 dollar difference a month?

I think you can do better than that, I was offered $460 on a $51k MSRP one with nothing down.

Mind sharing the price you got the vehicle for? I didn’t haggle hard yet but to get $460 with taxes a month with nothing down is nothing short of incredible!

Casa Del Cadillac in LA. That was with costco, it was last month so perhaps rebates were better?

Did that price take a lot of negotiation for you or was it more due to rebates and incentives?

Was their first offer. No negotiating