2017 530i x-drive 36 months 15k miles lease

2017 BMW 530i x-drive

Dealer quoted this:
Msrp: 58745
Selling price: 54550
15k a year/36 months lease
MF= .00151
Residual: 59%
Monthly: $687
0 down + tax + fees upfront = $3900 due at signing.

NY Tax: 8.625%

Leasehackr Score: 7

Are you asking for advice or did you already sign on this?

It’s horrible.

What’s the breakdown of the $3,900?

Terrible, walk away.

I am asking. I did not sign anything yet. I’m still shopping around.

What would you recommend with this deal as a counter offer? Which part of it is horrible?

$3900 breakdown

$2133 tax
$925 acquisition fee
$687 first month
$155 reg and doc fee

@Sammzway you already made a thread on this exact deal yesterday and people helped you there. Why did you make another thread?

I wasn’t sure if it was in the correct section. So I tried to post it in both places. My apology for trafficking.

Mods, feel free to delete the thread.

Thank you for moving the thread Jon. I appreciate it.

Get yourself a E300 loaner instead for 1/2 that price. So many other options for $800 a month sign and drive which is essentially what your deal is.