2017 430xi gran coupe, need help

Model 2017 430xi gran coupe
MSRP: 54,080
L.E.V% 61%
Lease end value: 32,988
Doc fee: $150
Initial Cap. Cost: 48,860
Adjusted Cap. Cost: 49,785
Lease factor: 0.00154
Total payment monthly: 651.65 after tax ($594 before tax)
License fee: 250$
Amount due at Signing (1st payment plus fees): $1,054
Total Sales tax: $2,074.32
Total Cash surplus: - $1054
Sales tax: 9.7%

36 months lease
10k miles
$0.00 Down Payment


Can apply max security deposit, and the monthly payment after taxes is $607.16.

In Washington (seattle area)…

The dealer is selling under the costco program which is 1500 over invoice, plus corporate (-$2500) and holiday program (-$1000), they are getting the car $2000 under invoice.

Thoughts? I feel like this is still too high, but can’t seem to get a deal like people who post online.

Mf is marked up by .00020. Also, you should push for under invoice at least by another 1000. Not sure what these cars going for but maybe you should look for other cars.

Check the details on this deal and the % discount off MSRP. True it is 2016 vs 2017 but that’s a big difference!