2017 430i Gran Coupe Demo Lease

Hi everyone,
Wondering if this is a good deal on a lease, I am first timer here…so I got this offer over phone.

Vehicle is sport line, driver assistance package and navigation.

MSRP 41288
Current Miles 4420
$398/mo (tax included)
$2000 (down payment, taxes, fees, included)

Any thoughts?

If its the first offer you got over the phone, probably not good, just from looking it its really not good but I’m not the most experienced here. If you look around the forum you’ll see there needs to be more information to determine whether or not its good, mainly SELLING PRICE, MF, RV (although we could look it up why not make it easier for us to help)

Thank you, ill get the final price being used for this offer with rv and mf.

Here’s the additional info:
Reduced sale price $40,788
M/f .00151
10k mile per year (adjusted residual $27,854)

Thumbs up or thumbs down feom your guys’ experience

Sorry just in case I am misreading, are you saying the sticker price is $41,288 and they are giving you a $500 discount to get to a sales price of $40,788?

If so, that is a laughable discount. A demo car with 4k miles, you should be shooting for at least 15%-20% off of the sticker plus what needs to be compensated on the residual value decrease from the mileage.


Yeah if thats the case then there is definitely room for disocunts.

the original msrp 47275, so it was already discounted

So considering theres a greater discount, are the numbers good? is MF to high?

MF seems right but a 13% discount on a demo is pretty low I would push for 20% and see how much more they come up.

Check Nada guides or Car Gurus to look at avg prices paid for the same model as a benchmark.

Just found a 430i Gran Coupe for 39,996.

Looking to finance instead of leasing, how deep of a discount can I get on this baby?

2017 bmw 430i msrp 48040 discounted down to 37500 with 7700 miles executive demo…is this a good discount?

What’s the RV? Probably won’t be a good lease deal.

for the price, I was thinking of pulling trigger on purchase, but it came back at $600, which is above what i can do, and no warranty.

Edit: never mind it’s a different car.

OP you need to share a breakdown of the figures, residual, drive offs if different etc