2017 340i loaner lease check

He guys, just want to run some numbers and see your opinion on this lease. 2017 340i with around 2.7k miles. Previous loaner.

MSRP: 53975
Selling Price: 45975
Lease&Loyalty Credit : 4500
MF:.00121 (I have MSD rollover)
Tax rate:9.5%
Location: Socal

Monthly incl tax $366/m
OTD: $4700 (includes 2800 MSD)

Total cost of lease is $430/m

Looks like in your $4700 is some cap cost reduction, if it wasn’t for that your deal would look good.

i have a question regarding the MSD rollover. Is your current BMW lease up and they’re allowing you to rollover?

I’m currently in a BMW with MSDs and i wanted to lease swap out of it to take another delivery but I’m not sure if that will prevent me from rolling the MSDs.

There’s actually no money down.

Acq fee: $925
Licence: $51
Doc fee: $80
Cap Red Tax: $427 (for the $4500 credit)
Misc tax: $95
First payment: $366
SD: $2800

My lease is up in 3 months and eligible for the pull ahead. According to my CA I can roll the MSD over but buy down rate is now .00005. Still 7 max. so .00156 gets reduced to .00121

looks pretty good to me. You could prob have a 530i for similar payment given what’s posted on this forum but if you like the 340i that’s still a strong number IMO.

$80 doc fees…we can only dream of that down here in FL :joy:

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This was brought up at the beginning of the month. I think you’re out in NorCal, corect? (nevermind…missed the FL reference)

So that you can compare.

This is my on deal for you to compare. Good luck.

2017 BMW 340i GT, Xdrive LOANER 4,838 miles
District of Columbia
LH Score: 12.1 years
Acquisition fee: $925 (rolled into the capitalized cost)
Dealer fee: $300 (rolled into the capitalized cost)
tags and registration:$180 (rolled into the capitalized cost)
Selling Price: $50,211 (19% discount)
Incentives: $4,500 ($3,000 lease cash + $1,500 loyalty)
Residual: $40,462 (65.3%)
Down Payment: $1,150 (taxes $514 + cap cost reduction $636).
Monthly Payment: $425 (including 10% monthly tax)
24 Months - 10,000 miles/year
MF: 0.00156

Guess I have a pretty solid deal. I like the car, I just don’t love it…wish it had the m-sport package and adaptive headlights…

What is your discount off the msrp before rebates? You should target at least 20%.

It’s at 15% of MSRP right now before and incentives

Don’t settle for 15%. Like Eagle said, should be aiming for 20%

you can get 15% on a remaining 2017 NEW inventory easy.

In my opinion you have still room to negotiate. Pretty much you are leaving an msport package on the table.
Also if you donot love the car be careful with msds. If you get bored and want to swap out your lease at certain point you would have to ask a downpayment from the assumee to recover that money. It may make your car less desirable to potential buyers.

they wouldn’t budge on the 15% off…I’ll let it sit for a day or two and see if they’re willing to drop it. I’m not in a big hurry either way.

Another dealer replied with a quote for a similar car, $3500 drive off @ $570/m LOL