2017 330i $288 is this a good deal?

I got lots of suggestions and feedbacks from this community so I felt I should post the update - right before heading to dealer today, they msg me that they won’t give me the same price since the market changed, so I didn’t get the car. Although it’s disappointing result, I still want to say thanks to everyone who helped. Much appreciated.

I don’t really know how to read these things. What does “vehicle profit” mean? Is that a trade in? It’s weird that you’re getting 0.00085 with no MSDs? How’d you manage that? Maybe some of the experts here can shed some light.

Thanks for helping. 0.00085 is after 7msd

I don’t have treading for this car:)

The odds is that residual is 62% which I thought it should be higher for 2017 model

Weird- it doesn’t look like there are MSD s ($0 security deposit) and how did you get a residual bump?

That’s probably not put in their system- I told them I will do 7 MSD

That is a really good deal!
It looks like they only want $1665 (acquisition, fees and 1st month) down.
Now, if they are asking you to pay an additional $3982, then “run away”.

yea, I noticed the same thing. MSDs alone should be $2100. Seems like they left 'em off this form somehow. I assume one of your discounts is the loyalty discount ($1500)? If I’m reading it right, you have almost 16% discount off MSRP (with incentives). That’s pretty awesome. I’m kinda suspect on the whole deal though since I don’t see MSDs on it.

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It will be funny if they present you with the same monthly and ask for MSD. Force them to give you a better deal if they are asking for MSD on top of this payment.

It looks like it’s a pretty good deal- @puinsai chime in? Do you see anything fishy? I’m viewing from my phone.

they seems to be pretty firm on price :sweat:

thanks for looking it over the phone, hope it didn’t disturb your dinner too much…

You are “waiting”…to see the Finance manager to sign your lease papers? Why wait til the last minute to get feedback from this forum?

I posted it when they gave me the quote, before seeing the Finance manager. I haven’t closed the deal as it’s too late - they are off tonight, will go back tomorrow. I hope I can get more feedbacks, first time leasing, kinda nerves…

Edit the title so won’t get people confused…

Get clarification on the driveoffs and then let us know. I’m kinda going by the assumption that you’re paying $1655.82 + $2100 (MSDs) = 3755.82. Still a great deal regardless, but you should get some details before agreeing.

Looks like a good deal, only thing that could make it better would be the corporate fleet incentive, Who do you work for?

Good numbers on a 2017 330i Most deals I have seen posted in the 300 range have been leftover 2016.

I had checked with HR and they said we only have program with Chevy.

Unusual lease paperwork with unusual terms such as profit, but looks good for 288 a month and 1655 inception fees!!

Who do you work for? It comes directly from BMW… it works fldifferently from Mercedes and other conpanies…

Thanks @vhooloo and everyone helped looking into it. I guess the monthly payment is low is due to the Msrp is low (only has drive assistant pkg and heated seat)