2017 328d xDrive Sports Wagon

Hi Folks! I’m new to the boards, but not new to leasing. I ordered my next BMW for December delivery and locked myself into October rates. Here’s what I have so far…

  • 1000-below invoice before any incentives
  • Base MF
  • 36 months, 10,000mi/year
  • 7 MSDs

Year/Model: 2017 328d xDrive Sports Wagon
MSRP: $57870
Invoice: $54450

Cash Down: None (MSD only)
Negotiated Price: $53450
Incentives: BMWCCA ($500), Option Allowance ($1000), UDE ($1000), Loyalty ($1000)
Capitalized Fees: Acquisition ($925)
Cap Cost: $50875
Residual: 62%
Money Factor: 0.00136 (before MSDs)

Lease Payment: $536.30
Drive-off: Registration/Title, First month’s payment, and MSDs

This is based on October programs, I’ll find out in a few days if December is better. Did I do well? Feedback appreciated!

How did you get a UDE coupon? I have seen nothing on them.

I asked my dealer if they would honor the UDE I from last year, they agreed to honor it.

IMO you have done very well. $1k below invoice before incentives is great for a rare model like a 328d Touring. It’s one of those models that doesn’t sell in large numbers, but the very low production volume tends to be snagged by a cult following.

Did great. At less than 1% MSRP monthly payment, so it is a good deal for a custom ordered car.

So didn’t the 1% rule of thumb immediately tell you this is a good deal?

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Well then they are just eating the 1k. It’s a fs discount. You could have gotten that 1k without the ude.

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If it is a done deal, congratulations. I’m a oil burner fan.

But just in case, here is a CPO executive demo gas wagon with the hard to find adaptive cruise control that is eligible for leasing.


36/10 lease for $450+tax with 7 MSDs. You may be able to do better. Ask for Chris Liu.

No, because the end payment relies on three incentives that many people will not be eligible for (let’s assume UDE is current).

Another buyer with the same credit rating and having negotiated to the same degree will have a cap cost that is thousands higher, simply because they do not have a CCA, Loyalty or UDE rebate.

Also, the MF is not particularly high for a low-volume German car. BMW and M-B typically charge their “standard” i.e. non-subvented MF for those cars, which is typically .00200 or higher. A 2016 C450 AMG (not even a “true” AMG) had an MF of .00220-.00250 depending on the month. It is mathematically impossible to achieve 1% monthly payment at those rates unless the dealer discounts the car by an unimaginable amount.

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BMW’s MF is the same across all models and has been for at least 5 years.

Looks like there’s no improvement in December from November.

For my car, residual is still at 62%, October’s Option Allowance (and November’s Black Friday credit) is now a $1000 Holiday Credit, not sure if MF changed.

The one wild-card is the $1000 Loyalty incentive. The expiry date on the website is still 11/30, so I’m not sure if they extended it for December.


That is not categorically true. At times, there have been models with a different MF from the base (assuming info published on lease-related forums is/was true).

Do you have a specific examples? I know the M3 and standard 3 series have the same MF, 7 series too. The residuals vary obviously.

I second that. Base MF is set monthly by manufacturer for all models.

Just as an example, the X6M here (in this case it happens to be lower):

You’ll find other months/years where some models have a different MF vs the base rate.

I think you’re right that they don’t practice the MF gouging on specialty cars that MB sometimes does.

Do you mean all manufacturers?

Looks like December lease incentives are almost the same as October. Loyalty has been extended to 1/3/17. I assume MF carried over from November at 0.00134.

Any thoughts on paying the $925 acquisition fee upfront? It reduces my payment to $506. If I put down another $200 on top of that (or if dealer can eat another $200) that will bring my payment to $499 and lower my MSD drive-off.

It’s a matter of personal preference. I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer.

Final numbers at delivery:

Cash Down: $150 (MSD buy-down)
Negotiated Price: $53450
Incentives: BMWCCA ($500), Holiday Credit ($1000), UDE ($1000), Loyalty ($1000)
Capitalized Fees: None
Cap Cost: $49800
Residual: 62%
Money Factor: 0.00134 (before MSDs)

Lease Payment: $496.27
Drive-off: Registration/Title, First month’s payment, Acquisition, and MSDs