2016 VW GTI SE 4dr AM Lease

Hi guys,

I’m located in the SF/Bay Area and currently am driving a 2013 VW GTI with only 31K miles. My lease for the current car is 12k/yr so I’m pretty under my mileage allowance.

I got a new lease quote from my dealer for the new 2016 SE 4dr +lighting package (no perf.) 36mo/10k with the following numbers:
-MSRP: $31,860
-Sale Price: $30,739
-Rebate: $1,000
-Dealer Discount+Rebate: $2,121
-Residual Value: $19,435 (61%)
-MF: 0.00095 (why is he using a lower MF than the base?)

  • With $1,000 down, he quoted $394/mo

If he is actually able to use a lower MF than the base, then I think I can get the monthly down closer to 300/mo. I told him if we can agree upon this number then I’ll pick up the car tomorrow. Does this seem reasonable? Thanks for your help!

Is it $1,000 down payment, or $1,000 total due at signing?

If it’s the latter, then that lease payment seems to assume an MF of .00125, or even higher. Perhaps it’s a typo from the dealer?

That seems high. Check truecar, in SoCal you should be 3.8k under MSRP easy, specially for a loaded example. this is before the 1k loyalty or 1.5k conquest.

Vortex forum confirms deep discounts on the GTI, people there are getting 5.5 off MSRP on autobahns

@spaceworm @michael hey guys - thanks for the feedback. I’ve gotten them down to $1500 out the door and 337/mo IF they wave any damage fees (they take care of any wheel scrapes, scratches, etc). Good deal?

For SF area I think they should knock down 1000 more, get 3k under MSRP incl the 1k rebate. You got leverage today being last day of the month.

On leases I don’t put any down payment, only pay upfront first month +license fees and tax.