2016 VW Golf Golfwagen Limited Ed Lease numbers

I was thinking of adding to my older thread, but thought for clarity sakes, a new thread made more sense. So I have a 2013 VW Passat (Wolfsburg) lease coming due in 4 months. This was a 39 month lease, with 39k miles allowed. I’m under mileage at 25k. I visited my local dealer, who called me back today, and said they would buy out the remaining 4 payments as I have $1,250 in positive equity. I can’t be sure yet if this is the case, or they’re using the incentive cash from VW (which is the same amount for a new Passat) to pay off the lease. My payments are about $258 currently, so maybe not as that would be only a little over $1k.

IF i stick with VW, the one model I like most right now is the 2016 Golf Golfwagen Limited Ed.

MSRP is $26,050.
Edmunds TMV is $24,591.
VW Lease cash is $1,000

Another dealer not as close, but close enough has it listed for $22,915 - they might include the rebates, not sure yet.

Should I get the acquisition fee waived? I think so, but not sure. Dealer discretion? Disposition fee - also have waves?

What is the residual for this model, and the money factor?

I would consider 36/12k lease, maybe 36/10k miles if it made much difference. I don’t think 24 months works, but that’s be ok if the payment went down.

I’ll plug in the numbers once I get everything, but might do this soon. Thanks.

P.S. I’m in NY state (upstate). And won’t put anything down, tax at 8% rolled in too.

P.P.S. My local dealer seems to have pretty good deals on the 2016 Passat SE.

MSRP is: $27,640
Their price: $22,499 - savings of $5,141 - I’m guessing all rebates have been applied.

So a residual, and MF on this model too if possible. This might lease out cheaper for me.

Why don’t you just ask the dealer to break it down for you instead of guessing? They are technically buying your current car - so ask them to give you the price. Then compare it to your lease payoff amount. Also - you cannot “waive” acquisition fee nor disposition fee (it will be waived if you lease another VW), but you can try to insist on the actual VW acquisition fee without dealer’s mark-up.

Oh I intend to. I can tell we’re going to be playing games though. I have interest in both the Golfwagen and a Passat SE. They said the lease would be better on the Passat, but provided no other details, and they want me to decide - i.e. they don’t want to run numbers for both. Can’t see why it would take them very long. I run illustrations all the time for people using a software program, and it’s not a big deal. Waiting on a second dealer, but have heard nothing. Might have to cast a wider net.

But the local Passat SE is a pretty good deal, although I need to see the breakdown in price. I just haven’t had much time to focus on this yet. I need to drive the Golfwagen to see how it fits me, I know the Passat will be fine, as I have one now.

One thing is everyone forgets when they lease.
What’s your total out of pocket at the end? Including down and payments (But not lease termination fee)

THEN you can easily make some decisions if you are getting a good lease or a bad one.

I don’t put anything down, and usually avoid the termination fee. So I could easily multiply the payments x # of months leased. Not sure that says whether I got a good deal or not.

Lets put it this way.
You get a Great deal on a car and pay $10,000 in total cash w/36k (It makes no diff what the starting value was)
Then when it’s time to give the car back, you give the car back.

Now for the same Car
You get a Horrible Deal (Bad money factor, bad residual ) with a $8,000 in total cash w/36k.
Now at the end, you give it back and have made $2000.

See how I know that the $8000 is a better deal than the $10,000 no mattter what you had for a money factor / residual.

However, I don’t plan to keep a car I lease, I lease a car to have the latest features.
If you plan to keep the car, then you have to know all those figures to see if you can get it cheaper buying (which is usually the case)

Oh and I forgot to mention that my dealer tried to play the money factor game with me, told me I got a good factor, and a good resid. But when I added up the total cost, I realized he was smoking me on the deal. So I had an easy bargaining tool. Dealers can hide fees all over the place that aren’t the Residual and MF.

2016 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen Limited Edition

36/12K: 60% residual, .00140 MF, $1,000 cash

Valid through May 2, 2016.

Thanks Michael. Can I ask for one more? I looked at the Golf closer, don’t think I want it.

How about numbers on a 2016 Passat SE. I think the cash is $1250. Is residual 60% too, with same MF?

I’m a current lessee of VW, in NY state. Thanks.

2016 Passat SE 1.8T

36/12K: 49% residual, .00001 MF, $1,250 cash

With the low residual and MF, it’s not a bad choice if you intend on buying the car at lease end.

That could happen. I’ll have a teen going to college by that time. Good, safe car to have, that’s not too costly.

Local dealer’s advertised price is $22,499 which seem quite a bit below invoice. That might include the VW rebate, but still not bad.

Turns out the Passat SE’s I’ve been looking at for $22,499 have been without the technology package. I think I can live without it though, pretty loaded as is. I do wish it had the 19" wheels from the R line, they are pretty sharp. But I imagine replacing tires on a 19" rim aren’t cheap. I’ve had 3 flat tires on my Passat this year, always the rear passenger side tire. Screws or bolts in them every time, different locations. One bolt was too large to patch and I replaced the tire recently, only to get another screw in this new tire last week (which was repaired). What are the odds!

Another question, is the residual on the Tiguan or the GTI (4 door) any better than the Passat? Sales lade said the GTI “doesn’t lease well” but I’m not sure this is true.

VW’s own lease offer on a 2016 GTI-S (2 or 4 door) is $269 for 36 months, $1999 due at signing.

Not sure what she mean they don’t lease well, maybe there’s no hidden incentive for them to lease it to customers.

As far as I can tell, the only cash back offer is the same on purchase or lease.

I think because of the cash down, plus that payment and tax, would be significantly higher than what I’m paying now. Unless the residual is much worse (and I can’t see how that would be), or the MF higher, which it’s not.

The cash due at signing has nothing to do with down and everything to do with the higher money factor.

Not to mention that lease offer is based on MSRP not any negotiated price. I believe what I am saying is closer to the truth, there is no additional incentives either to dealers or to the public to lease a GTI.

That said, GTI-S can be had for under $22,000 in many cases and I’ve read of fully loaded Autobahn GTI going for 3-4K less than their sticker price.

Only deal with the internet dept and don’t go calling dealers, that’s a bad habit consumers need to break along with visiting dealerships.


A local VW dealer (Van Nuys) scoffed at the idea I would go 3,000 miles for a deal. To save $2-4K on a new car, you bet your sweet patooey I would and have done so before. Why spend time trying to haggle them down to $21K when several dealers offer that price without asking?

I was looking again at the Golf wagon Ltd Edit. Residual is 60% which is good, but then the money factor I was given was .00140. Payment calculator here gave me $315/mo and the dealer’s quote is $301, so probably pretty good. But still more than I wanted. The Passat SE was $254/mo.

I think I’ll probably wait until May and see if I can find a better deal. I was hoping with all of the crap VW has been involved in lately, they would offer current owners more incentives. $1000 ($1250 for Passat) isn’t really cutting it.

Wait until the Memorial Day sales start 3rd week of the month. Incentives will improve.

Interested in the numbers on a Golf Limited edition.

Is there any lease cash available?

2016 Golf SportWagen Auto Limited Edition

36/12K: 59% residual, .00150 MF, $0 lease cash
Targeted: $500 Grad Cash

Valid through 7/5/16.