2016 Volvo V60 T6 Polestar

Hello, does anyone have the lease numbers and incentives for a 2016 V60 T6 Polestar wagon? I’m looking at 10K / 36 or 39 months in South Florida. Thanks.

You have excellent taste. Please post what you do pay. They’re advertised in CA for 699/mo., but not sure of the details beyond that.

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2016 V60 T6 Polestar AWD, $61,840 MSRP

36/10K: 48% residual, .00014 MF
$500 Volvo loyalty cash

Exclusivity doesn’t come cheap. :frowning:

The low residual and MF helps if you intend on buying it at lease-end, I suppose.

Thanks Michael.

The dealer quoted me the following on a $62,240 MSRP vehicle:

“39 Month. 10,000 miles per year. Total out of pocket is $4,999. Your monthly payment would be a total of $699 ($717 for 12K, and $752 for 15K). This payment amount would be reduced by $12 if you qualify for the Volvo Loyalty Bonus or by $25 if you qualify for the Volvo Conquest Bonus. This lease quote includes all the current incentives available ($1000 lease bonus, $3000 Volvo allowance).”

Although exclusive, I still think it’s way to much for what’s essential a Volvo station wagon.

That’s too bad. It looks like a cool ride, but way too much!

Of course it is a Volvo station wagon. But you are trying to lease a $62K car, so what did you expect? :slight_smile:

You must have never heard of the 1% and under rule for leasing.

BTW, this particular dealer is listing this wagon at $53K and change.

After leasing 5 Volvo’s I know about Volvo residuals, that’s all. This 1% rule is just a rule of thumb for someone who can’t calculate monthly payments on their own. I can. Besides, any dealer can get you under 1% with cash down, like your $4,999 (some of it is TTL/fees/tax, etc. of course).

5 Volvos you say? That explains a lot actually.

The “1% rule” is based on zero down

Exactly. Not sure Mr.PLP understands this judging by his surprise at the quote he got for a $62K Volvo.

Well, I’ve seen residuals as low as 43% on S60 36 month lease and as high 72% on an XC90 on a 24 month lease (2007 XC90 was factory ordered in August 2006). But I don’t recall seeing them higher than 56%, especially at the end of model year.

Seriously? The whole reason why I posted this offer form a dealer was because it was such a terrible deal, not just for a Volvo, but as a whole. And if applying the 1% rule, then with $0 down it should be $620 a month, not $699 with $4999 out the door. Furthermore, the dealer is listing this car at 53K which should place the monthly payment in the 500s. But I’m sure you didn’t understand this since you’re clearly a Volvo fanboy that can justify anything Volvo throws your way.

Has nothing to do with me being a Volvo “fanboy”, just a common sense. Yes, you would get to around $516 with $0 cap cost reduction and everything else upfront on a 56% residual. But you probably don’t know much about leasing. Like the fact that base models have higher residuals that top models and you are trying to get a Polestar. Also, why ask the dealer for a lease quote when you can tell him what you want once you have MF/residual and his $53K sale price? BTW: when you requested your quote, you could have asked for the residual - it’s no secret since it’s set by bank.

Listen buddy, you must be suffering from a bad case of amnesia. All this came about by you asking what I expected from leading a 62K vehicle. I simply stated the 1% rule so that I didn’t have to write paragraphs explaining myself you to. You claim that I don’t know about leasing, yet I’m on a leasing website asking for residuals and MFs, so that I can run the numbers on my own and make sure I’m getting a fair deal. I don’t know how your experiences with dealers has been, but no all are as forthcoming as yours seems to be. I’ve dealt with dealers that provide all the info upfront and other that don’t no matter how many times you ask. This is a leasing websites that aims to help consumers like myself with leasing no matter how knowledgeable they are or aren’t. So do us all a favor, and stop posting nonsense. We’re here for assistance, not conflicts and pointless arguments.

The residuals do sometimes actually feel like secrets. Maybe I’m not looking properly but I can’t find the May residuals or mf for just a s60 or v60 base model or other trims…

If you know them, care to share?

The 1% rule does not mean you are going to get that for any vehicle. It’s just a rule of thumb to try to attain. It’s not going to happen on most deals, there has to be a large incentive or large reduction off msrp most of the time.

Yeah, I had already understood that; it’s more of a guide than a rule. I just referenced it to promptly establish what I approximately wanted my monthly payment to be on a vehicle like this. Thanks for the clarification though.

I did not “ask” what you expected, it was a rhetorical statement which you, unfortunately, took personally. But in any case - you are right that this is a place to ask questions which you did. Good luck to you anyway.

p.s. BTW: I’m not the one who jumped on $9K off of MSRP on Polestar that Volvo dealer “threw their way”.

Yeah, that’s true. Interesting that before Volvo and others provided “purchase option” price at the lease end which would let you to easily figure out residual. Now Volvo does not post “purchase option”. I don’t know May residuals, but I think Michael can provide them for you. I know in March they were 54% on S60 E-Drive sedan and 53% on S60 Inscription for 36/10. You are right that some dealers may just play games and keep giving you the payment without breaking the numbers down for you. But then you wouldn’t want to deal with them anyway or you could get all numbers from here and still go back and negotiate.
MF is a different story. Dealers mark them up so, most likely, they won’t tell you what the real MF (buy rate) is. The only way is, again, to get MF from sites like this one. Once you know MF and residual, you can calculate you monthly payments and start negotiating.