2016 Volvo S60 Inscription $1k down $446.25 a month sound fair?

We went in to try to get a Volvo Incription based on the deal on this site that said you could get one for $274 a month: Safety First! Lease A Volvo S60 Inscription For $274/Month (Expired) — LEASEHACKR

We’re not getting that here in Dallas. Here’s a screen shot of the deal:

Any thoughts or input would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I understand you pay more tax in TX, but is it fair? Maybe…But lease hackr isn’t fair, it gives the buyer the advantage. Keep on reaching out to other dealers, get them competing…Last day of the month is Sunday, odds are a better deal could be had with less effort. Also if you’re okay with demos and other models such as the regular S60 or the cross country don’t be afraid to ask! Otherwise I’m seeing 2017 trickling onto the lots, there could be better deals to be had next month as both the 2016s and 2017s will be on the lot at the same time.

What’s the MSRP? Did you check all lease allowances for your zip code (http://www.volvocars.com/us/shopping-tools/purchase/payment-estimator)?

They’re charging you MSRP. No dealer discount at all. So wouldn’t that be the worst offer you could get if you shop around?

How do you know? It can be Platinum with MSRP $46K. Granted, it would still not be a good deal.

I guess I don’t lol.
I thought vehicle price = MSRP, and selling price was their price.

Just googled stock number. MSRP is $43,325.

Lol! Just got done doing the same.

Corrected: I used wrong residual

If you get $1,5K under invoice - $307/mo +tax and everything else for 24/10. $386 including tax + everything else at signing.

Ask for the sale price of around $39,825 and get all lease alloances - it’s $9,500 for your location. Also - you may qualify for $1K conquest. That will bring payments down by another $30/mo.

Your getting a bad deal because you are going to Park Place, go to Autobahn and you may have better luck. In my experience I find most Park Place dealers to think their customers will just pay what they ask. Volvo of Dallas is ok but just be careful your not getting a loaner of hail repaired car. Once you have comparisons park place will straighten up if they want the sale.

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If you live in a state where you have to pay taxes upfront on the entire car, is it still worth leasing? Isn’t a loan preferable?

I did the numbers. You are definitely better off getting a 1.9% 4 year loan on a sales price of 32k than lease in Texas. The $700 payments are higher for the loan than the lease (430) but after 2 years you have equity in the car (around 6k) and a tax trade-in credit equivalent to 1200 (assuming the residual of the car is 25k and you can trade in for 22k). True the trade in could be lower but you would not be capped at 10k miles a year and you could drive the car however long you want 24 months, 29 months etc etc

Answer to both of your posts: yes to the first and no to the second. It’s ALWAYS better to lease a Volvo than buying it, especially with current incentives. They have terrible resale value and no other brand dealer wants to touch them. I made this mistake with my previous 2012 S60. After 3.5 years in service, just 25K miles, 1.5 years factory warranty remainder and free service, excellent condition, with MSRP $37,500 no one would give me more than $13-14k. In the end, I got $14.7K by trading it to a Volvo dealer.
I’m taxed the same way as Texas (but at a lower rate) - on the full price, so I know this pretty well. There is also personal property tax in VA, not sure about TX.