2016 Toyota RAV4 vs Highlander

Been looking for a new car for my wife for awhile. With a new baby on the way, strongly learning towards Highlander but according to this page, it looks like I might have to reconsider the RAV4 for value.

The 3yr/36k residual appears to be 61% and an unreal MF of 0.00001 (e.g. 0.02% APR).

Just wanted to share with others in case it helped you out!

There is a pretty good lease being advertised in Chicago region for the 2016 Highlander XLE AWD for $375 per month, $0 down, $0 first month payment on a $41k MSRP vehicle.

The highlander has 3rd row seats, the rav does not but has great fuel economy. So depends on what feature you are looking for.

Go for 2017 Rav4 if the lease terms are in your favorite. 2017 has all the safety features as a standard feature. But for 2016 you have to add the safety features in a Convenience package from XLE and above trims.