2016 toyota highlander residuals and mf's

Could someone please post the residuals and MFs for all trims of the highlander?

Southern California region

Thank you

16 Highlander XLE 2WD

.00105 MF

30 Mo 71% 12k

36 Mo 67% 12k

$650 bank fee
-2% for 15k

Hope that helps!

Anthony @ Dsrleasing.com

Would you happen to have the residuals and mf for the rest of the highlander trims?

Is there a 24 month?

yes 24 months is the same .00105 MF and a 74% residual for 10k.

all the trim levels are relevant with these rates & residuals.

Thank you. The Hybrid is excluded though.

yes the Hybrid is a different model.

.00105 MF

24 mo 71%
30 Mo 68%
36 Mo 64%

-2% for 15 miles.