2016 Toyota Camry SE

As I posted yesterday, I was getting slightly conflicting information regarding the residual, mf, and incentives for a 2016 Camry SE in Arizona on a 24/12.

Edmunds forum said 71%, .0006, and $1,000
This forum said 71%, .00073, and $1,250

After doing my research on local inventory, I put together offer letters to 3 dealers. They all reported back that the residual was 69%, mf was .00073, and they wouldn’t give me the exact incentives.

Is there a way for the dealer to make extra profit by decreasing the residual %? I thought that was outside of the dealer’s control. I appreciate the help as I’m trying to get a lease finalized this evening before the incentives pass.

Hi @jthacker48,

From what I know, dealers cannot mark the residual up. Please keep in mind that Toyota’s lease programs vary by regions. This could result in residual difference elsewhere on the forum.

Hope this helps!

I believe Edmunds gave you the numbers for Southern California rather than AZ.

I’ve heard that Toyota does not residualize options. Camry SE has a “base” residual of 71% for 24 months, 12,000 miles per year.

To further elaborate on that…

71% of $24,675 (base price) = $17,519

If the car has $800 in options, the MSRP is $25,475 but the residual stays the same ($17,519). This drops the residual to 69%.

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Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get all of the numbers until I go into the dealership this evening. With that said, here are the details I do know:

MSRP: $28,355
$0 Out of Pocket
$270 / month

I’m pretty happy with the monthly payment based on my calculations. It’s just driving me crazy that I can’t figure out exactly how they are getting to that number. As soon as I’ve got all of the numbers in a couple of hours, I’ll report back.

Maybe this will help.

Have a 2016 Camry SE looking for lease transfer in the South Florida area. Lease ends 12/18 and ODO reads 14400 on a 36000 mile lease. $199/month.

PM me for more information

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