2016 Toyota 4Runner

I feel like I’m missing something here. I have been looking at Ally’s Residual Value Lease Guide, and it’s showing me that the 4Runner is .71 after 48 months, based on 15,000 miles/year. That number just doesn’t seem accurate to me. Can someone tell me what my sister can expect to pay if she trades in her BMW (on which she owes 4 more years of payments, and about $19,000 to pay off – probably gonna take a $5,000 hit trading it in at $14,000 or so) into this 48 month lease, financed through Ally? The 4Runner is listed at $45,000.

Is it as simple as [(45,000*.29)+5000]/48 → $376.04/month?

Any help would be appreciated.

How would someone go about leasing a Toyota through Ally? All the dealers I have talked to essentially limit leasing to using Toyota Financial?

If you google something to the effect of “Ally find dealership,” there’s a page on their website that lets you find dealerships with which they have a financial partnership. There happens to be one near me with a $45,000 4Runner Limited.

I’m gonna look at the Challengers too. If I can get an R/T Challenger down about 15-18% off MSRP and go through Ally, it’s like a 67% residual on 36 months through Ally, and the price would be really nice. I want to go tomorrow, and if so, I’ll let you guys know if these Ally numbers check out.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I’m new and can’t create a post yet. I’m looking at leasing a 2017 4Runner SR5. $37,678 MSRP. I’ve been emailing dealers, first quotes were at $499, got down to $427 with a $4,000 discount, and down to $350 with 10 MSDs ($4k). This is for a 36 month 36k lease. Does that sound like a decent deal or am I overpaying?

Look at this post. Not sure where you are, but if your close to NC you could do one of these. If not use as a reference point.

Thanks! I should’ve mentioned I’m in GA, so I’ll have to pay the VAT.